Media, Sound and Interaction

Strom by FH Joanneum © Luke_Goodlife for Klanglicht 2023

FH JOANNEUM students interpreted the theme of "Strom" and its levels of meaning with their works at the KLANGLICHT festival. Moving quantities, electrical charges, masses of water and data flows were artistically processed and staged in a site-specific and accessible installation.

Light and sound served the Master's students of Media, Sound and Interaction Design as materials with which they explored media presentation possibilities, creative variations and narratives of immersive experiences.

Students of Sound Design (SD) developed compositions and acoustic dramaturgies in which they approached the topic of "Strom" in different ways. Media Design (MD) and Interaction Design (ID) students staged elaborate spatial light shows. The result was 7 different projects, which were presented during the KLANGLICHT festival.

The project was supervised by Astrid Drechsler, Daniel Fabry, Michael Kernbichler and Roman Pürcher.


To escape the inevitable deconstruction of the postmodern society, you're leaving the planet under the influence of mind-altering substances. But the ship's system is failing. Or is it your own?
Köhring Jona-Tristan (MD), Oliver Posmayer (SD), Helena Opower (ID), Nadja Pirchheim (ID)

Epic Vivaldi

Vivaldi's four seasons are interpreted in a modern way and represent the flow of life. It begins with spring, the blossoming, summer as the flowering of life and slowly transitions into autumn and winter. Light and music accompany the first beginnings to the epic end.
Paola Sanchez Lopez (MD), Alex Wildinger (SD), Daniil Ivanov (ID), Madeleine Hurst (ID)


The ever-evolving stream of technology and its impact on our lives. In this dynamic performance, we show the constant unexpected arrival of technologies, causing feelings of danger, and then the discovery of solutions to address these changes. It's a cycle that repeats itself as humanity adapts to each new wave of innovation.
Kris van Hout (MD), Florian Drechsel-Burkhard (SD), Nadine Lowden (ID), Nagyija Bogás (ID)

In Harmony

Inspired from Europe's last untamed river, the Vjosa in Albania, the sound and light composition "In Harmony" portrays the enduring conflict between the unruffled force of dams and the ever-flowing waters, ultimately culminating in the restoration of harmony between nature and humanity.
Hannah Drobir (MD), Valerie Feichtmair (ID), Johanna Gumpelmeyer (ID), Weronika Wrzosek (SD)


The raw power of nature clashes with the brilliance of technology. In our rapidly changing world, there's a constant interplay between the breathtaking beauty of nature and the relentless advance of technology. Natural wonders and the sleek products of human ingenuity coexist, creating a captivating contrast that shapes our lives. This intriguing coexistence prompts us to reflect on our role within this complex web of existence.
Theresa Dietinger (ID), Korin Rizzo (SD), Andrea Ortner (ID), Lovro Nucak (MD)


The sound of the ocean when you’re far away is like a soft whisper. It seduces you, pulls you in and as you get closer it becomes a lot more powerful, louder, intense. As it gets overwhelming you put your head underwater and return to calmness. Through this feeling of powerlessness within the infinity of the ocean you can find peace, choosing to submerge yourself of your own free will.
Marc Steiner (MD), Benjamin Pohler (SD), Andrea Hurtado (ID), Georg Kiraly (ID)

Human Influence

"Human Influence" tells the story of the ordered chaos of nature and humanity's attempt to control it. This naive attempt initially seems to succeed, but the greater the efforts to control it, the greater the violence of nature grows as it fights back to reclaim power. In the end, nature prevails, but irreversibly altered. The question remains: who will learn from this?
Simon Edl (MD), Johannes Kölbl (SD), Yao Sossou (ID)