Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

The new mileways

Das neue Mileways 2

Overcrowded airports, delayed flights, and a lack of communication have resulted from the establishment of aviation as a means of transport suitable for the masses. Instead of being up to date at all times and in all places, passengers wander disoriented through the airport terminals when changing flights—even though we live in the 21st century. To counteract this phenomenon, the iOS app Mileways promises to inform the users about all relevant data of their flight, notify them of updates, and display them in real time.

Mileways was redefined from the ground up by analysing the history of aviation, gathering experience over many years and adopting a user‒centric approach. Reliable flight data is the key feature of Mileways and builds the necessary trust with the user. True to the motto “No data is better than false data”, every feature and every area of the app was restructured. The author provides an insight into the design and development processes of digital products. Rather than describing a cycle from beginning to end, the ongoing progress during the development of an app is evaluated.