Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

UI Animation – Clear User Interfaces through Animation

UI-Animation – verständliche User Interfaces durch Animation 1

Every day we interact with countless interfaces intended to help us perform various tasks. Due to technical enhancements in the area of web and app development, it is possible for designers to realize complex interface concepts. Animation can now be integrated into websites and apps in just a few steps, when before a lot of effort was put into trying to implement the work of designers as well as possible.

Thanks to the current opportunities, animation has become increasingly important in the design of user interfaces in recent years. However, websites and apps should not be exclusively extravagant and complex. User Interfaces must be intuitive and easy to understand. Additionally, they should not confuse users or limit them in their interaction. This Bachelor’s Thesis deals with whether animation can play a supporting role in digital products and which aspects of the user experience can particularly benefit from it.