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Lost and found

Verloren und gefunden 4

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This master’s thesis predominantly highlights people’s feelings, desires, vulnerability, and perception in terms of Portuguese culture and puts into focus the Portuguese term Saudade, missing someone or something and longing for someone or something, in combination with concomitant sensations, specifically synaesthesia.

Creating an experience that is human‒made, aesthetic, personal, as well as emotional, in which associations and connotations gain centre stage. This master’s thesis describes synaesthesia within and beyond the concepts of Saudade—reminiscing and longing—and discusses its meanings, compares and combines emotions, senses, colors, and contradictions in one’s own individual and unique perception. A representation of synaesthesia in a broader sense is aimed at and an individual, yet universal approach of visibility and tangibility of concepts is highlighted. The master’s thesis aims to find inter- sections and combinations regarding these concepts. With the example of synaesthesia, it strives to explore the term and feeling of Saudade in a new way. Concluding with explanations on intersections of Saudade, it also focuses on exhibiting a topic in consideration of one’s own background and experiences.

Photo: © Exhibition Design

Photo: © Exhibition Design

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