Automotive Testing Lab

SHED system

SHED – Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination


A vehicle can emit hydrocarbons both when the engine is running and when turned off. For that reason, tank venting systems were introduced to relieve pressure in the tank (e.g., because of fuel heating in summer) by expelling emissions into the air. This also allows hydrocarbons to escape. These emissions are now restricted and must therefore be monitored. This is achieved using SHED measurements. The SHED testing chamber is a sealed space from which air samples are taken for analysis. The test object can be either an entire petrol-driven vehicle or individual vehicle components.


  • Evaporative emissions tests on tank systems and vehicles in the SHED chamber according to European and US standards
  • For vehicles with petrol engines, hybrid vehicles, vehicle components
    • GTR 19
    • WLTP
    • EPA 1066
  • Refuelling tests (hot, cold, ORVR)
  • Measurement of hydrocarbon emissions

Specifications * Manufacturer: Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH * Automation system: Tornado * Analysis system: Pierburg PM 2000 SHED FID * Dimensions: max. length: 6 m, door: W x H 2.5 x 2.3 m * Year of acquisition: 1998 * Analytical/measurement parameters: HC * Accredited SHED testing procedure (EPA, GTR 19, EU/US)