Doctoral School for Dependable Electronic-Based Systems



Electronic Engineering

Research Focus

Electronic-based systems (EBS) make our world “smart” by combining advanced electronics and software, often in networked systems that interact with the physical world through sensors and actuators. Most EBS applications in production or transportation are safety-critical: EBS failures may cost human lives. A system is only as dependable as its weakest part. As EBS combine many heterogeneous aspects – software, signals, electronics, networks, sensors, actuators – our hypothesis is that a concerted effort of all relevant research disciplines is required to achieve EBS dependability.

Our objective is thus to establish an integrated research framework across the disciplinary boundaries to link up dependability concepts along the data processing chain into a holistic toolbox of methods. We aim to devise fundamental concepts and methods, but also application-oriented tools to make EBS dependable, where dependability summarizes attributes of a system allowing humans to trust EBS.

PhD Projects

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