ZML – Innovative Learning Scenarios

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ZML – Innovative Lernszenarien 13

E-learning is a constantly evolving discipline. The research projects carried out by ZML – Innovative Learning Scenarios address state-of-the-art tools and didactic approaches.

ZML explores the latest e-learning trends with a focus on didactics in close collaboration with national and international partners. Methods that prove successful in projects and online learning experiments are transferred into innovative training scenarios and modern teaching formats.

Research topics

Research in the context of current projects

Webliteracy and Communities of Practice

  • Project start in Nov. 2019 The networkers (Funding initiative: FFG – Laura Bassi)
  • Project Casr Biomedicine – Network of PhD-Students
  • Project DiMAP – Digital media in nursing education (focus on „geriatric care“) – project ended in spring 2019, currently working on publications
  • Development and conduction of didactic workshops as well as an online reflection-course for teaching staff of styrian universities

Visualisation of online learning processes

  • Footprints of Emergence (employment of the method with FH JOANNEUM students)
  • Visualisation of group processes with social netwok analysis
  • Diverse application of comics in education (planning of courses, visualisation of students tasks, increase in motivation, etc.)
  • The use of videos as learning resources (application at the FH JOANNEUM)

Online didactics

  • Project Videogames 4 teachers (V4T) – The integration of games in education enhances many students competences, among others also self-reflection and self-perception. Teachers have the opportunity to work with unconventional didactical methods and employ a great variety of learning strategies. Game-based-learning supports the teaching of content and transforms everyday teaching to an innovative and variety rich experience.
  • Master’ degree programme Content Strategy – development and integration of innovative online learning scenarios with the use of tools like Slack, Zoom and Trello
  • Project InnovaT – inovative teaching accross continents – universities from Europe, Chile and Peru go on an expedition (cooperation with the Institute of International Management)

Development and implementation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)