ZML – Innovative Learning Scenarios

Expertise for the knowledge society

ZML – Innovative Lernszenarien 2

E-learning is a constantly evolving discipline. The research projects carried out by ZML – Innovative Learning Scenarios address state-of-the-art tools and didactic approaches.

ZML explores the latest e-learning trends with a focus on didactics in close collaboration with national and international partners. Methods that prove successful in projects and online learning experiments are transferred into innovative training scenarios and modern teaching formats.

Research topics

Web literacy and communities of practice
  • Project “CaSR Biomedicine” – Calcium Sensing Receptor
  • Project “EpiPredict” – Online network of PhD students
  • Project “DiMAP” – Digital media in generalist nursing education (focus on geriatric care)
Game-based learning
Development and implementation of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Visualisation of online learning processes:
  • using social network analysis, Footprints of Emergence (ongoing, internal project in cooperation with the Physiotherapy course), comics
Innovative blended learning