Smart Production Lab


Research field

Digital Shopfloor (Copy)

Modern ERP systems are based on in-memory technologies, providing the basis for true real-time computing and the subsequent development of functionalities needed for central enterprise systems. When combined with the Industrial Internet of Things, this will create opportunities the scale of which we cannot yet fully comprehend.

This is the background to our research into the digital transformation of business and production processes. The group is examining the potentials and limits of in-memory systems in a digital factory using real-time data from individual sensors to optimise decision-making processes. The data are then subjected to advanced analytics for real-time reporting and used as a data lake by combining SAP HANA with other big data technologies.

Key research areas
  • How can companies integrate and standardise complex business processes to generate real-time data?
  • How can companies succeed in collecting and analysing relevant information, and making their own business decisions?
  • How can companies manage the challenges of holistic, smart digital technologies and sustainable integration with business partners?
  • How can IIoT and ERP systems help manufacturing companies effectively streamline and manage their daily routines?
Use cases
  • Integrated IIoT using SAP Leonardo as a central IoT platform
  • Integration, processing and visualisation of real-time machine data in SAP
  • Implementation of SAP S/4 on HANA
  • Big Data using SAP HANA as a data lake
  • On-premise and cloud-based implementation and evaluation of MES systems