Smart Production Lab

Future of Work

Research field

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A key consideration at the Smart Production Lab is the role and relevance of humans in Industry 4.0. The focus is therefore on analysing the skills people need and the organisational challenges posed by the digital transformation.

One key area of research in this field lies in working with assistance systems, especially augmented reality (AR) technologies. AR enables employees to access information on site, or carry out (decision-making) simulations. Virtual 3D models also allow lab users to work on or with virtual machines in order to learn the technological skills required in the 21st century.

Another aspect of research into the use of AR involves creating a testing environment for different AR use cases in order to explore its potential industrial applications from a variety of perspectives and along the entire value chain. The aim of the research is both to determine the suitability of AR technologies for use in industry, as well as to develop specific application scenarios for AR in industrial enterprises and the associated change process.

Key research areas
  • How do new digital technologies change the nature of work in industrial enterprises?
  • How can the workforce help drive the company’s digital transformation?
  • What employee skills will be required as a result of the new technological developments?
  • How do organisations need to change to remain fit for the future?
  • What defines successful leadership in the new work age?
Use cases
  • Augmented reality using the MS Hololens for 3D augmentation of objects
  • Augmented reality using the HMT-1 for remote service and maintenance