Smart Production Lab


Fabrication Laboratory

Was ist ein FabLab? 7

The FabLab Kapfenberg is a publicly accessible specialist laboratory housed within the Smart Production Lab at FH JOANNEUM. Anyone, whether a private individual or a business, can use this space to produce items for which they would previously have needed the sort of facilities only available in a small factory.

The first FabLab – an abbreviation of ‘fabrication laboratory’ – was established at MIT in the USA in 2002, and launched a global maker movement. The FabLab offers just this: the chance to try something out and put ideas into effect, making the rapid prototyping process available to anyone during our opening hours. The FabLab equipment at Kapfenberg includes five 3D printers, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, a CNC lathe, a CNC milling machine, a vertical band saw, a sandblaster and workstations for assembly, soldering and CAD drawing.

Our 3D printers:

  • MakerBot – polymer PLA filament
  • Mark Two – carbon fibre filament
  • Form Labs – stereolithography epoxy resin
  • Prusa – TBD

The laser cutter can be used for cutting or engraving wood, plastics and metals. The vinyl cutter helps you produce individual films. And the sandblaster is suitable for surface treatment of metal and plastic materials.