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Fabrication Laboratory

Was ist ein FabLab? 7

The FabLab Kapfenberg is a publicly accessible specialist laboratory housed within the Smart Production Lab at FH JOANNEUM. Anyone, whether a private individual or a business, can use this space to produce items for which they would previously have needed the sort of facilities only available in a small factory.

FabLab stands for ‘Fabrication Laboratory’. A FabLab is a shared space in which interested parties can meet to build objects using professional equipment. This explains why our FabLab is equipped with a large number of machines fitted with the latest technologies. The FabLab is focused on experimentation and sharing know-how. Whether DIY enthusiast, mechanical engineer, artist, or programmer, everyone is equally welcome in the open workshop. The range of objects produced in the FabLab is similarly varied, covering everything from material crafts and small artworks, musical instruments, to machine components and housings. Inventors can use the FabLab to create their first prototypes.

As well as software applications, the equipment available at the FabLab currently includes the following machines and workstations:

  • 3D printers (5)
  • Laser cutter (1)
  • Vinyl cutter (1)
  • Sandblaster (1)
  • CNC lathe (1)
  • CNC milling machine (1)
  • Metal band saw (1)
  • Drill press (1)
  • Assembly workstations with tools, soldering station (4)
  • CAD workstations with Solidworks (3)

Although available in principle, use of the CNC machines and metal band saws is restricted as they may only be operated by employees of the Institute of Industrial Management.

What preparations are needed to use the FabLab?

The FabLab is open to the public. Users must first undergo basic training before being permitted to sign up for lab time. FabLab users can then be trained on the machines by supervisors from the Institute of Industrial Management. Following this training, the FabLab users are free to operate the machines and turn their ideas into reality. There is no charge for using the FabLab facilities. Users are only charged for materials provided by the FabLab, such as 3D printing filaments or acrylic plates for the laser cutter. Users are free to work on materials they bring themselves, after the materials have been checked and approved by a FabLab supervisor.


Users are asked to register their attendance by email in advance so that everything they need while at the lab can be arranged. Simply email the FabLab at