Fields of Expertise

IT Security


With a Master's programme in IT & Mobile Security, IT security is a strong research focus at the Institute of Software Design and Security. Research topics include developing secure software, detecting security gaps in different mobile operating systems, creating mobile solutions for enterprises, as well as infrastructure availability and network security in industries such as aviation.

IT Security research focuses on:

  • mobile security
  • secure software design
  • security analysis
  • penetration testing
  • network security
  • secure server and high-availability technologies
  • big data
  • cryptography

Research activities are aimed at recording, linking, manipulating and evaluating sensitive data which could cause failures in private and public infrastructures. The focus is on digitisation and remote operation based on a quick security assessment. This is achieved by developing prototypes with validation functions which are used to analyse special data types for mobile access to the sensitive data.

The implementation of IT security issues is based on a security scan developed by the Institute. This is a tool used to provide initial checks of company IT infrastructure. Companies link to a special server at FH JOANNEUM via a tablet or mobile phone and the server then runs a check to detect any security flaws in the company's network. A variety of tools are used to identify and log any open ports and active services. The identified services are checked for vulnerability to a list of known security threats. The list is updated daily.