Research Organisation and Services

Excellent quality and innovative strength


FH JOANNEUM is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Austria and intends to further expand this position. To us, “leading” means being associated with excellent quality and innovative strength, and succeeding in an international context. It also means to demonstrate and develop excellent competencies in the field of applied research and development, and to make use of them successfully in national and international projects.

The Division of Research Organisation and Services supports FH JOANNEUM staff and management in these efforts at all levels and performs a variety of tasks in strategic and operational research management and research services.

In terms of research management, the division supports the management in a variety of strategic planning issues, in particular R & D development at the corporate level, oversees operational implementation, and performs various coordinative and controlling activities in the R & D environment, including the quality and performance reporting in R & D. Another important task is external networking with stakeholders from industry and research as well as decision-makers from public administration and politics at home and abroad.

In terms of research service, the division supports and advises the teaching and research staff on project funding opportunities, project and proposal development and helps with coordination and organisational issues. In addition to these topics, the division carries out various cross-organizational special projects, both internally and externally.


Ingerid Nordahl Dommersnes

Ingerid Nordahl Dommersnes has worked at FH JOANNEUM since 2018. In 2023, she joined the division Research Organisation and Services after having been employed at the International Office for several years. She is primarily working on EU4DUAL, where she is responsible for the administrative project coordination.


Kordula Fabiani

Kordula Fabiani has been employed at the division of Research Organisation and Services since February 2022. She advises and supports institutes of the departments “Building, Energy & Society” and “Engineering” in the development of R&D projects and the acquisition of competitive third-party funding.


Barbara Klein


Petra Renner

Petra Renner studied Business Administration at the University of Graz and has been a staff member of FH JOANNEUM since 1998. She is an expert in the field of financial management of EU projects and SAP key user with a focus on EU projects. In addition, she supervises the financial reporting of self-coordinated and partner projects in the degree programme "International Management" within the framework of various international cooperations. Consequently, she is familiar with the pitfalls of project application and accounting processes and supports the staff at FH JOANNEUM in setting up EU projects.


Clara Schmikl-Reiter


Michaela Strassnig

Michaela Strassnig has been employed at FH JOANNEUM since 2018. She graduated in German Studies and English/American Studies at Karl-Franzens University in Graz and has many years of experience in the field of office management and the administrative service sector. At FH JOANNEUM she works for the Research Organisation and Services division and is responsible for all secretarial agendas, particularly for the research document management.


Matthias Werner

Matthias Werner has been employed at the “Research Organisation and Services” division of FH JOANNEUM since July 2019. He advises and supports researchers of the Departments of "Applied Computer Sciences" and "Media & Design" in the development of their R&D projects and the acquisition of project funding. His activities as research funding coordinator also cover the development of the divisions expertise and offers concerning cross-cutting topics with relevance for research funding at FH JOANNEUM.