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Robert Strohmaier


Lecturer (FH)


+43 (316) 5453 - 8536



Business Informatics and Data Science
Eckertstraße, 30i
Room ES30i.01.102
8020 Graz


Robert Strohmaier works at the Institute of Information Management at FH JOANNEUM as a lecturer in the "digital media technologies" department.
He is currently developing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) scenarios and applications and leads the technical development of AR, VR and smartphone/tablet applications as well as user-centered design activities in the FFG research project SCOBES-AR.
His focus in the area of teaching is on impart knowledge about digital skills. His teaching activities at several institutes at FH JOANNEUM include the basics of content creation (illustration, photo, video, sound, animation), the development of multimedia projects (Unity3D) as well as microcontroller programming and the integration of various sensors and actuators in interactive multimedia projects and internet of things (IoT) scenarios. In addition, he is intensively involved in teaching and research in the areas of user interface design, user-centered design, usability and accessibility.

Selected Publications
R. Strohmaier und G. Sprung, „Poster: Kollaborative Visualisierungen - Interaktive Visualisierungen als ergänzender Kommunikationskanal“, in Wie lernen wir in Online-Gruppen und Online-Netzwerken?, Proceedings of the 20. E-Learning Tag at FH JOANNEUM, Graz, 2021.

R. Strohmaier, G. Sprung, S. Schadenbauer, und A. Nischelwitzer, „Using visitor-flow visualization to improve visitor experience in museums and exhibitions“, presented at Museums and the Web, Chicago, 2015. Online available at:

R. Strohmaier, A. Nischelwitzer, S. Schadenbauer, und G. Sprung, „Mobile Dokumentation Im schulischen Einsatz und in Workshops“, in Lernen mit Videos und Spielen, Proceedings of the 10. E-Learning Tag der FH JOANNEUM, Graz, 2011, S. 53–59.

G. Sprung und R. Strohmaier, Schrotty Elektronik für Kinder. Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH, 2016.

S. Schadenbauer, A. Nischewlwitzer, R. Strohmaier, und G. Sprung, „Videobooks – Content Management System und eLearning Plattform zur Erstellung und Verbreitung von Lehrinhalten in Gebärdensprache“, in Barrierefreie Informationssysteme: Zugänglichkeit für Menschen mit Behinderung in Theorie und Praxis, Bd. 6, F. Kerkmann und D. Lewandowski, Hrsg. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter Saur, 2015, S. 111–125.

S. Schadenbauer, A. Nischelwitzer, R. Strohmaier, und G. Sprung, „Innovative and Intuitive Hands-on Interaction with RFID to Enhance Digital Media Experience of Exhibits“, St. Pölten, 2017, S. 58–62.

S. Schadenbauer, G. Sprung, P. Salhofer, A. Nischelwitzer, und R. Strohmaier, „MORE! MEDIA TRANSPARENCY - GAMIFICATION AND ONLINE COLLABORATION“, INTED 2016, Valencia, 2016.

G. Sprung, L. Zimmermann, A. Nischelwitzer, R. Strohmaier, und S. Schadenbauer, „Creating Games Approach Models and Implications for the Usage of Game Design as a Teaching Method“, ICICTE, Rhodos, 2011.

G. Sprung, A. Nischelwitzer, R. Strohmaier, S. Schadenbauer, und T. Schirgi, „ENHANCING MEDIA LITERACY BY PROVIDING A PLATFORM FOR GRASSROOT JOURNALISM“, in EduLearn 13 publications: 5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Barcelona, 2013.

G. Sprung, R. Strohmaier, S. Schadenbauer, und A. Nischelwitzer, „SCHROTTY: USING ELECTRONIC WASTE TO INCREASE AWARENESS FOR SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY“, EDULearn15, Valencia, 2015.

SPEAKY - The multimedia speaker analysis
Multimedia Transfer in Karlsruhe | Siegerprojekt (2005)
Österreichischer Multimedia-Staatspreis | Förderpreis (2004)
Top Talent Award | Quality Seal (2004)
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