Library card

Do I need a library card as a student / staff member of FH JOANNEUM?

No, your student ID or staff ID simultaneously is your library card.

I’m an external lecturer / graduate / interested individual: How do I get a library card?

External lecturers, graduates and other interested individuals can apply for a library card. Please bring the following documents: government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver’s licence, passport) and the filled-in and signed library registration form. If under 18, we additionally need a declaration of consent and liability by those with parental authority.

Loan periods & borrowing limits

How many items can I borrow for how long?

The number of items and the length of the loan period a user is allowed to borrow at one time are subject to the status of the user in question:

  • Students - graduates - external users : 15 items for 28 days
  • Students about to take their diploma - external lecturers : 20 items for 56 days
  • Faculty staff - other employees of FH JOANNEUM - scientific assistants : 100 items for 365 days

How do I find out when an item that I checked out is due?

In our online catalogue, click Sign In and login with your access data. Then click on your name. Go to “My Loans”.

Fees & fines

Does it cost anything to use the library?

Library services are free to the public, but we do charge a fine if items are returned after the due date (€ 0,30 per medium per day, two weeks after expiry the additional amount of € 3). External lecturers, graduates and other interested individuals have to pay a one-time registration fee of € 2 for the library card. If media items are lost by patrons and replacement is purchased by the library, a fixed amount of € 15 must be paid by patrons in addition to the media value.

Are there any consequences if I have outstanding fees?

If you have unpaid charges your library account will be blocked. Borrowing and renewals will not be possible until all debts are paid.

Returning items

When can I visit the library and return items?

Here you can find our opening hours. Outside opening hours, items may be placed in the return box in front of the library. Please keep in mind that external users cannot enter the building outside the building’s opening hours.

Finding literature

How do I search for a specific item?

This short introduction video shows you how to search for a specific item.

How do I search for a specific topic?

This step-by-step-instruction (video) helps with a topic-related search.

How can I find an item on the shelves?

When you found an interesting item in our online catalogue and you want to know where to find this item on our shelves, watch this short video.

Are there any other tips that can help me with my search?

You can find additional tips in the following two videos:
* Publication types
* Search strategies

I’m stuck with my research. Can somebody help me?

Yes, of course! We can support you with a targeted search and help you to optimise your own search results: Just Book a Librarian!

Renewing items

How can I renew an item?

Sign in to your library account in our online catalogue to renew items you have checked out. This short video shows you how renewals are done.

I cannot renew an item I have checked out. What can I do?

There can be several reasons why the renewal doesn’t work:
* Another user has requested the item. Please return the item as soon as possible.
* The item is already overdue. Please return the item and don’t forget to pay the fine.
* You have already renewed the item three consecutive times. Please contact us to see if it is possible to extend the due date for a fourth time.

Reserving books

What can I do if the item I need is checked out to another person?

You can place a hold request via our online catalogue. Our video tutorial „Placing holds“ will guide you through the process.

What can I do if an item I desperately need is currently on loan?

If it is urgent and you cannot wait until the item you need will be returned, please contact us: personally at the circulation desk, via e-mail or telephone.

Information for high school students

Can I get any support when writing my pre-scientific work?

Students writing their pre-scientific work can use our library’s ressources. On prior reservation we also offer introductions regarding searching our catalogue etc.

Access to electronic resources

Why can I not gain access to a specific e-book or e-journal?

There are several possible reasons:
* According to the licence terms of this specific ressource there is only a single user access possible and someone is currently using this ressource. Please try again later!
* You are neither student nor staff of FH JOANNEUM. Please use our electronic ressources within our library.
* The FH JOANNEUM has no licence for the specific electronic resource at all.

What can I do, when the article I am looking for is not available at the FH Joanneum library?

For FH Joanneum staff document delivery orders are processed by us. For students and external users we recommend Subito.

How can I find a specific article?

Use the Electronic Journals Library for your search.

How can I find articels for a specific topic?

Use the Database Information System (DBIS) to research a topic in one of the various databases.