Open access publishing agreements


The FH JOANNEUM has negotiated a number of agreements for open access publishing. These read and publish agreements include open access journals as well as subscription journals with open access option. If your article has been subsidised externally, please enquire, if the article processing charges (APCs) will also be funded by the funding agency.
Otherwise, you can make use of our open access cooperations which guarantee that affiliates of the FH JOANNEUM do not have to pay any publication fees as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • The corresponding authors have to be affiliated with the FH JOANNEUM on the date set by the respective agreement (for details see particular agreement below).
  • Create a personal account and use the e-mail address provided by the FH JOANNEUM.
  • FH JOANNEUM should be listed as (at least one of your) affiliation(s).
  • Submit the article from the data network of the FH JOANNEUM (within our IP-range).
These are our current open access agreements:


The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is focused on research and publishing in computer science and information technology.

Journals: Gold and Hybrid Open Access journals, magazines and proceedings
Article types: Journal: interview, note, research-article, review-article, short-paper, survey, technical-note, tutorial; magazine: case-study, interview, research-article, review-article; proceeding: research-article, short-paper, technical-note, tutorial
Licenses: CC-BY 4.0, choose between NC, ND and SA
Authors eligible: At the date of submission and acceptance the corresponding author has to be affiliated with the FH JOANNEUM (active employment status).
Workflow: After acceptance please choose "Institutionally Paid Open Access / Permission Release Option" and a CC-license in the ACM author tool (eRights form).


Elsevier is a global information analytics business specializing in science and health.
Journals: Gold and/or Hybrid Open Access (without Cell Press and Lancet)
Article types: Hybrid: full-length articles, review articles; Gold: no restriction
Licenses: CC-BY 4.0, CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
Authors eligible: At the date of submission the corresponding author has to be affiliated with the FH JOANNEUM (active employment status).
Workflow: After acceptance please choose "FH JOANNEUM" as your institution in step 1. Your affiliation will be checked by the library. Details see Agreement: Instructions for corresponding authors (in the lower section).


Emerald Publishing is a scholarly publisher in the fields of management and business.
Journals: Hybrid und Fully Open Access Journals and publications on the Emerald Open Research Platform
Article types: original research articles only
Licence: CC-BY 4.0
Authors eligible: On acceptance the corresponding author has to be affiliated with the FH JOANNEUM (active employment status).
Workflow: Use the following option as part of the publication process: "Yes, I want to publish my article as Open Access and my institution is eligible for a prepaid APC voucher". In addition, please enter "FH JOANNEUM / Austrian National Consortium (KEMÖ)" to the field "funding source". For details see How to use my APC voucher or discount in a journal? (lower section).


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) publishes in the fields of (electrical) engineering and computer science.

Journals: Hybrid and Gold Open Access Journals
Article types: peer-reviewed articles
Licenses: CC-BY 4.0, CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
Authors eligible: Authors must be the "primary corresponding author" and belong to FH JOANNEUM at the time of acceptance of the article in order to be eligible for funding.
Workflow: The acceptance e-mail always contains a reference to the amount of the APCs. In the case of hybrid journals, the open access option is only listed after acceptance. Please make sure that you register with the FH JOANNEUM e-mail address and select FH JOANNEUM when entering the affiliations.


IWA Publishing is a leading international publisher of water, wastewater and environmental publications.
Journals: Hybrid and Open Access journals (except journals jointly published by Elsevier and the Polytechnic University of Valencia)
Article types: all
Licences: CC-BY 4.0
Authors eligible: At the date of submission the corresponding author has to be affiliated with the FH JOANNEUM (active employment status).
Workflow: During the submission process authors use their institutional email address and state their institutional affiliation (FH JOANNEUM) to be recognised as eligible to publish open access. For details see the publisher’s guidelines.


The open access agreement with Springer allows affiliates of the FH JOANNEUM to publish open access articles in one of over 2.000 subscription journals, with the article processing charges (APCs) already covered.
Journals: Hybrid Open Access-Journals (Open Choice journals, NO Nature-titles)
Article types: Original Paper, Review Paper, Brief Communication, Continuing Education
Licences: CC-BY 4.0, CC BY-NC 4.0
Authors eligible: On acceptance the corresponding author has to be affiliated with the FH JOANNEUM (active employment status).
Workflow: Once your article has been accepted, the corresponding authors will be asked if they want to publish their article open access at no cost (via author’s dashboard “myPublication”). Automatically, an invoice is sent (Open Access fee set at EUR 0). This concludes the process on your end. For more details see the Springer website.

Open Access publications of FH JOANNEUM

  • Bertinat, R., Villalobos-Labra, R., Hofmann, L., Blauensteiner, J., Sepúlveda, N., & Westermeier, F. (2022). Decreased NO production in endothelial cells exposed to plasma from ME/CFS patients. Vascular Pharmacology, 106953.
  • Gotthardt, M., & Mezhuyev, V. (2022). Measuring the Success of Recommender Systems: A PLS-SEM Approach. IEEE Access, 10, 30610 - 30623.
  • Grogger, H. A., Gossar, M., Makovec, M., Fritz, J., Neugebauer, K., Amann, F., & Voelkl, B. (2022). A low-cost wind tunnel for bird flight experiments. Journal of Ornithology.
  • Hartner, R., Komar, J., & Mezhuyev, V. (2022). An approach for increasing the throughput of a CNN-based industrial quality inspections system with constrained devices. 2022 11th International Conference on Software and Computer Applications, 179–184.
  • Lang, G., & Hofer-Fischanger, K. (2022). Factors associated with the implementation of health-promoting telework from the perspective of company decision makers after the first COVID-19 lockdown. Journal of Public Health.
  • Lang, G., & Hofer-Fischanger, K. (2022). Betriebliche Absichten für gesundheitsförderliche Telearbeit nach dem COVID-19-Lockdown 2020. Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung.
  • Adler, M., & Taxer, B. (2021). Quantitative sensorische Testung im Rahmen neuropathischer Schmerzen und ihre Bedeutung für die Physiotherapie. Der Schmerz, 1–10.
  • Fallast, A., Rapf, A. R., Tramposch, A., & Hassler, W. (2021). Kinetic and thermal simulation of water droplets in icing wind tunnels. CEAS Aeronautical Journal, 1–18.
  • Riederer, M., Schweighofer, N., Trajanoski, S., Stelzer, C., Zehentner, M., Fuchs-Neuhold, B., Kashofer, K., Mayr, J. A., Hörmann-Wallner, M., Holasek, S., & van der Kleyn, M. (2021). Free threonine in human breast milk is related to infant intestinal microbiota composition. Amino Acids, 1–19.
  • Berger, H., Netzberger, C., Stocksreiter, W., Estrada-Vázquez, R., Blasonig, N., Preda, A., Obermayr, W., Salloker, M., & Vogel, C. (2020). Kompetenzfelder der Elektronik – Systemlösungen des Instituts Electronic Engineering der FH JOANNEUM. e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, 137(1), 11–18.
  • Gödl-Purrer, B. (2020). Der Beckenboden im Alter. Manuelle Medizin, 58(4), 204–209.
  • Burböck, B., Macek, A., Podhovnik, E., & Zirgoi, C. (2018). Asymmetric influence of corruption distance on FDI. Journal of Financial Crime, 25(3), 845-858.
  • Fallast, A., & Messnarz, B. (2017). Automated trajectory generation and airport selection for an emergency landing procedure of a CS23 aircraft. CEAS Aeronautical Journal, 8(3), 481–492.

Further cooperations of the library

FH JOANNEUM is a member of Kooperation E-Medien Österreich (KEMÖ), which coordinates the acquisition, licensing and administration of electronic media and is also committed to Open Access in Austria and worldwide. We are also a member of the Open Science Network Austria (OANA). Through this think tank, ideas, initiatives and recommendations are developed or working groups on the various areas of Open Science are organized. One example of a recommendation resulting from an OANA working group would be the Vienna Principles, a collection of 12 requirements for (open) scientific communication in the sense of Open Science.

If you have any question, please contact us.