Miriam Berger

My internship at the Fontænehuset Frederikshavn in Denmarkn


During my studies, I completed an internship in psychiatry at the Fontænehuset Frederikshavn in Denmark. The company provides people with mental health problems with a place where they can apply or develop their skills and resources at their own pace. The focus is on the useful structuring of everyday life, focusing on education, work and social relationships. People addressed me with a friendly “Hej. Hvordan har du det? Du kommer fra Østrig?” – “Hello. How are you? Are you from Austria?”

The internship allowed me to gain greater insight into the field of occupational therapy and to expand on and develop my expertise and activities. There was also plenty of time to get to know and travel around the country which was my home for two months.

My host family made every effort to serve me Danish specialities and so Smørrebrød, all kinds of Lakrids (liquorice with ice-cream, chocolate and even salami flavour) and Drømmer kage (dream cake) were a regular feature on the menu. Living right by the sea gives me a high quality of life. Despite this, there was a constant battle with the wind and I once even had to push my bike because I couldn’t cycle any more.

All in all, it was an experience I would love to repeat, although it took me some time to submerse myself in the different culture and get used to the language at the start.

Alt det bedste,