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What is the admissions process?

For the three specialisations (Global Strategic Decision Making, Global Leadership and HR Management, and Global Green and Social Business) of the Master’s degree programme in Global Strategic Management there are only 30 openings per year. Therefore, there is an admission process to ensure a careful selection of students. All applicants who fulfil the application requirements will be invited to the admission process.

In the course of the application process (i.e. at the latest in the admission interview with the members of the degree programme), the applicants have to indicate which of the three specializations they would like to choose, whereby a subsequent change is in principle possible until the end of the first semester. To ensure the active engagement and exchange between students among each other in each respective specialization, the minimum number of registrations for a specialization to take place is six.

All admission decisions are made in an objective and transparent manner, based on an admissions process which consists of the following steps, each carrying different weights in the final admission decision (in parentheses).

  • Developing methodical, subject-specific and / or interdisciplinary tasks (35 %)
  • Interview with the admissions committee (35 %)
  • Overall assessment of prior education (15 %)
  • Complete evaluation of prior practical experience (15 %)

As the master’s degree programme in Global Strategic Management is taught in English, the language of the entire admissions process is English.

The admissions process consists of:

  • a full set of application documents,
  • an assessment of your previous qualifications and professional experience and
  • an online interview with the admissions committee.
  • The methodical, subject-specific and / or interdisciplinary tasks will be included in the online interview.

The form of the application will also be taken into consideration.

The online interview

You will be invited to an interview if you meet the admission requirements and have submitted your application in full by the deadline. You will receive an email with detailed information about the online interview in good time before the interview.

The interview will be conducted online via video call. The applicant must confirm that no unauthorised aids are used and no one else is present to help. The applicant must present official photo identification at the beginning of the interview.

In addition to questions about motivation, career plans, your expectations as well as your team skills and soft skills, the interview may also examine subject-specific knowledge. The methodical, subject-specific and / or interdisciplinary topics include:

  • basic understanding of business processes,
  • analytical and logical thinking,
  • critical reflection and argumentation skills.

The interview will be conducted by the admissions committee in English. You are given the opportunity to demonstrate both your knowledge and your motivation, suitability and talent for the course and the profession. It will last between 20 and 40 minutes.


Convince the admission committee with your CV, your interest in the course content, and your personality!

Assessment of previous training and professional experience

Professional experience and training, as well as further education, will be taken into account as additional criteria for the admission decision.