Health Care and Hospital Management
Department of Applied Computer Sciences

Health Care and Hospital Management

  • Academic Degree:

    Master of Business Administration in Health Care and Hospital Management (MBA)

  • Mode of Study:

    Part-time / 4 Semesters / 90 ECTS

  • Language of Instruction:

    German / English

  • Head of Postgraduate Master\'s Course:

    Univ-Prof. Dr. Helfried Metzler

  • Campus:


  • Tuition fee:

    € 13.400 total

The complex organisation of today’s healthcare systems requires an understanding of medical issues, expertise in process organisation as well as knowledge of aspects of health economics. Over the course of five semesters culminating in the writing of a master thesis, lecturers from FH JOANNEUM and the Medical University of Graz teach participants decisive content targeted at executives working in the healthcare sector.

What you will learn:

Health Care and Hospital Management

Participants in the degree programme acquire specialist knowledge and gain competence in applying scientific methods in the four key areas of Leadership, General Management, Hospital Management and Public Health.


Self-image and self-awareness as an executive manager, leadership styles as well as tools for use in everyday working life are taught in team-building style in the basic level. This learning content forms the basis for the advanced level which focuses on strategic leadership, corporate culture and effectuation, and leadership in healthcare organisations.

General Management

Business and health economics information provides decision-making criteria essential to day-to-day management work. These areas are examined in lectures and discussions. The focus is on controlling, project and process management, strategic management and marketing, performance-oriented hospital funding, accounting, staffing requirements and quality management.

Hospital Management

Lectures focusing on structures as well as processes in hospital management are held by international-level decision-makers. This guarantees access to cutting-edge knowledge with due regard for legal aspects. Case studies are used to examine practical relevance and detailed implementation.

Public Health

The challenges facing healthcare systems in the 21st century are analysed in lectures and case studies. Special focus is placed on target groups and management in the field of health promotion as well as current ethical problem areas in the medical sector.

Did you know, …

… that students on the MBA programme in Healthcare and Hospital Management go on a field trip to Vienna?

Participants have the opportunity to take a close-up look at management processes involved in the construction and development of a brand new hospital (Krankenhaus Wien Nord). Subsequent discussions with decision-makers enable joint reflection on planning and requirements.

Did you know, …

… that the programme is split into two levels?

The basic level focuses on the provision of fundamental knowledge for executives working in the healthcare system. The advanced level largely consists of seminars, case studies and round table discussions focusing on the four key areas of General Management, Hospital Management, Leadership and Public Health. Each key area is dealt with in two blocks of lectures each lasting four days.

Did you know, …

… that participation in programmes at post-secondary educational institutions that are similar in terms of content and scope can count towards the basic level of this programme?

This enables qualified participants to join the programme in the third semester.

Did you know, …

… that a master degree in Public Health can be credited towards the Public Health module?

Did you know, …

… that the programme is designed to meet the needs of students from an interdisciplinary target group?

That means medical practitioners, nursing staff, allied health professionals and individuals who work in the various administrative departments of healthcare facilities and hospitals work together on addressing the challenges of multi-professional day-to-day work in strategic and operative management and develop solutions at an interdisciplinary level.

Did you know, …

… that top national and international experts from the sector are lecturers on the programme?

These include key figures, stakeholders, scientists and research staff working in the Austrian healthcare system as well as experienced experts from other countries.

Mode of Study

This part-time postgraduate programme run in cooperation between FH JOANNEUM and the Medical University of Graz.
The MBA programme runs over a total of five semesters. In the first four semesters there are blocks of lectures held on consecutive days and requiring mandatory attendance. The third and fourth semesters also include additional e-learning tasks. The master degree thesis is written in the fifth semester.
The programme focuses on the following four key areas: Leadership, General Management, Hospital Management and Public Health. Performance assessment in all key areas is based on written assignments.

Dates & Deadlines

Start of studies: Winter term 2017/18

Application Requirements

Applicants to this postgraduate master degree programme must have

  • a bachelor degree (180 ECTS) or
  • a recognised international equivalent qualification


  • a minimum of five years’ work experience in the healthcare sector after completion of relevant professional training.

Consideration will also be given in exceptional cases to highly qualified applicants with extensive work experience in the healthcare sector who do not have a degree. Applications from such candidates are considered according to international standards and require special approval by the university rectorate.

Application and Admissions Procedure

Registration at the office and submission of

  • curriculum vitae (CV),
  • certificates and
  • letter of motivation.

Admission interview with the Head of the Programme.