Mathias Pascottini BA

Mathias Pascottini was made a radio star by Antenne Steiermark at the age of 14. Today, the yellow station is his professional home.


Job description: Radio presenter and editor
Company: Antenne Steiermark
I work in: Graz, Austria
I’ve worked here since: 2013
Snapchat: mpascottini

What I do:

As a radio presenter, I entertain and inform hundreds of thousands of Styrians every day and accompany them through their day. I am an ever-present guest in the cars, bathrooms and offices of our listeners. As an editor, I report on political events, regional stories and special people. I get close to the people of Styria and become a part of their lives.

Why I love my job:

It is a privilege to be so close to people.

Important skills in my job:

  • Creativity
  • Interest in a broad range of social issues
  • Good connections with people
  • Spontaneity
  • A pleasant voice

My biggest accomplishment so far:

During my relatively short career to date, I have been able to present hundreds of programmes on Austria’s largest private radio station. It is an unbelievable privilege, a real highlight every time and something I am very grateful for. I will always remember reporting on the elections during the 2015 regional elections and presenting an election special on the presidential elections in 2016.

How I found my current job:

It was during my course that I first came into contact with Antenne Steiermark. After this, I became a part of the Antenne team as a trainee and received a permanent post half a year later.

What I learned for this job during my studies:

Important insight into how the media work, what the news involves, how the worlds of media, politics, business and the public interact and how media specialists handle it all.

Job prospects in my field:

There are few jobs. But if you are really passionate about the work and don’t give up, you will find something.

I am:

  • hardworking
  • ambitious
  • curious

About my job:

My work is great fun because we pull together as a team and laugh lots together every single working day. This makes the time at work valuable and generally helps you forget just how demanding the rosters can be.

I am currently studying:

The Master’s course in Speech Communication & Rhetoric at the University of Regensburg

I am continuing my studies because:

... I like to learn more and expand my horizons.

How I make/made studying compatible with my job:

Fortunately, my employer supports me and keeps my study days free from assignments. I commute regularly between Graz and Regensburg which is a real challenge, both time and finance-wise. There is very little time for other interests but it is doable. The input provided by the course is well worth the effort.

Photo: Marija Kanizaj / Styria