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1. Semester

Air Traffic Management | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S1_03 Air Traffic Management 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Based on the current technical requirements of aircraft and the infrastructure facilities of civil aviation (airports, air traffic control), it will be shown how the various components of civil aviation interact to ensure effective and safe air traffic. The fundamental legal and economic framework conditions of air traffic are also presented.
Aircraft engineering | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S1_05 Additions to aircraft engineering 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Introduction to the Aviation Industry; Aircraft engines: classification, construction and functioning of a jet engine, operational requirements of an aircraft engine, excursion to the basics of navigation: coordinate systems, coordinate transformations, shape of the earth, calculation in the plane, sphere and ellipsoid
Aircraft engineering | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S1_04 Introduction to Aircraft Engineering 2 SWS 3 ECTS
1. lecture objective; 2introduction; 3. high and low speed aerodynamics; 4. flight mechanics; structural design of aircraft; 5. aircraft systems
Aviation law and organisation of aviation | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S1_01 National and international aviation law 2 SWS 5 ECTS
International aviation agreements, ICAO and other important aviation organisations, hierarchy of standards, aircraft (types and definitions), aerodromes, air traffic regulations, air traffic control, airspace organisation, aircraft accident investigation and reporting obligations, liability and insurance, excerpt from civil aviation personnel law, regulations originate to a large extent from "European law (Union law)
Business Administration I | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S1_06 Introduction to Business Administration 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Introduction to general business administration. The enterprise as a socio-economic system. Constitutive framework decisions. Sales and markets. Human resource management. Investment and financing.
Project Management I | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S1_07 Project Management I 2 SWS 5 ECTS
The lecture covers the basics for all areas of project management that are necessary for professional practical application - practically applied and underpinned with the relevant theories. The lecture forms the basis for managing smaller projects, assisting the project manager in large projects or quickly finding one's way around in a project environment as an expert or project core team member. The contents also correspond to the contents of international standards (e.g. IPMA or PMI) and are the basis for certification. In this lecture, the following topics are dealt with fundamentally and will be built upon in the second semester: 1) General information on project and programme management (PM and PrgMng). 2) Management of projects and programmes. 3) Social competence. 4) Management of project-oriented organisations. In the general part, definitions of PM, what is a project, programme, project network, process chains but also the PM process in general are taught…
Scientific Research and Statistics | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S1_02 Scientific Research and Statistics 2 SWS 5 ECTS
The students are taught basic methods of scientific work, practice them and deepen and expand them with regard to the requirements of the Master's thesis. Basics of statistics. Preparation: topic selection & planning; material search and processing; structuring; manuscript: Structure and formal requirements

2. Semester

Aircraft Systems & Air Traffic Control Technology | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_06 CNS/ATM Systems 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Overview of CNS/ATM systems; operation of terrestrial radionavigation systems, model of the transmission channel; signal processing; basic principles of primary and secondary radar; avionics buses and system integration; determination of reliability indices.
Aircraft Systems & Air Traffic Control Technology | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_05 Positioning and navigation using GNSS 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Space segments GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo); GNSS signals and measured quantities; positioning with GNSS-1 (coordinate determination and error influences); positioning with GNSS (2) (special error influences); reference coordinate systems; Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (EGNOS); integrity; GBAS and LAAS; sensor fusion INS+GNSS; future GNSS
Airline Management und Flight Operation | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_02 Airline Strategy and Fleet Management 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Development of Commercial Air Travel; Fundamentals of Airline Economics; Airline Business Model; Airports and Infrastructure; Aircraft Market; Aircraft Evaluation; Operating Costs; Aircraft Benchmarking; Aircraft Purchasing and Specification; Aircraft Financing; Aircraft Disposal
Airline Management und Flight Operation | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_03 Flight Operation 1 SWS 2 ECTS
EASA OPS (CAT) aircraft performance; weight and balance; de- and antiicing of aircraft; fuel and flight planning
Airport Design and Management | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_04 Airport Construction/Airport Management 2 SWS 5 ECTS
1.air traffic requirements of an airport 2.elements of airport planning 3.general structure of airfields 4.economic aspects of an airport enterprise 5.the airport as an economic factor of the region
Business Administration II | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_07 Controlling and Corporate Strategy 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Basics - strategic management ; Controlling - operational/ strategic/ airline-specific ; Airline Management ev. guest lecture
EASA - Rules and Regulations | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_01 EASA Regulation 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Structure and functioning of EASA in Cologne; Basic regulation, "Cover Regulation" Air Operation
Project management 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S2_08 Advanced Project management(PM2) 2 SWS 5 ECTS
The lecture deals with advanced methods of project management that support an experienced project manager for professional practical application and facilitate the management of projects - practically applied and underpinned with the relevant theories. In this lecture the following topics are extended and built upon the contents of PM 1: 1) General Project and Programme Management (PM and PrgMng). 2) Management of projects and programmes. 3) Social competence. 4) Management of project-oriented organisations. In the general part, the topics of PM 1 are repeated and differences between PM standards (PMI and IPMA) are taught. The second part includes, building on the methods taught in PM1, the application from different perspectives. The focus is on large projects and programmes and where the difference to small projects lies and challenges arise due to size. PM methods, like all methods, can be used for good but also for evil…

3. Semester

Aviation operations | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_02 Aviation operations 1 SWS 3 ECTS
Review of EASA regulations, design organisations, manufacturing organisations, maintenance organisations. Interfaces and interactions, involvement of subcontractors and sub-suppliers.
Aviation operations | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_01 Preparation of technical reports 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Technical reports vrs. technical documentation, applicable regulations, overview of the professional field (engineering offices, civil engineers, experts).
Aviation safety and aircraft accident investigation | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_03 Safety Management 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Basics on safety, safety management, safety statistics in aviation, analysis of safety reports, error management (according to Prof. James Reason), threat analysis in flight operations.
Case study related to the professional field | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_07 Case study related to the professional field 1 SWS 5 ECTS
Based on a practical problem from the professional environment, the acquired knowledge is applied in small teams and implemented on a small scale in a scientific-technical problem. The case study thus serves as direct preparation for the Master's thesis.
Certification of aircraft | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_04 Certification of aircraft 2 SWS 5 ECTS
EASA Regulations. Initial Airworthiness. Airworthiness Codes (Bauvorschriften). Design Organization. Production Organization.
Innovation management | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_08 Innovation management 1 SWS 3 ECTS
1. basics of innovation management (management-oriented approach) 2. systematic technical innovations (especially first introduction to TRIZ, product evolution) 3. evaluation of innovation projects (controlling). 4. megatrends and concrete innovation projects in aviation, as well as their high-level evaluation and check of future viability. (Innovations from EFB via fuel efficiency, aircraft system issues electric ECU vs. bleed air).
Innovation management | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_09 Sustainable technologies in aviation 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Climate change; Mobility - alternative mobility/intermodal transport; Alternative fuels; Alternative propulsion
Management systems (quality, environment, safety) | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_06 Aviation Management and Sustainability 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Aviation Sustainability as leadership task (economy, ecology, social responsibility), stakeholder involvement, sustainability indices, sustainable growth, Political and regulatory framework, Ecology: noise, local air pollution (CO2, NOx), impacts of the aviation industry on ecosystems, Actions: Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), conjoint sustainable aviation strategies of airports, airlines, air traffic control and manufacturers, Sustainable alternative fuel.
Management systems (quality, environment, safety) | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S3_05 Quality and Compliance Management in Flight Operations 1 SWS 3 ECTS
Prerequisites for an Air Operator Certificate, teaching basic principles of aviation law (EASA AIR OPS / EASA Part -M / EASA Part - 145), management system according to EASA AIR OPS, Requirements for the Quality/Compliance Manager and the auditors, Independence of the auditors, Relevant process flows within the framework of a CMM/QM system, Internal procedures and processes, Continuous improvement (PDCA cycle), Statistical evaluations in quality management, management review, interface to the Safety Management System (SMS), industry standards (eIOSA, IS-BAO) and their requirements.

4. Semester

Maintenance Management | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S4_01 Maintenance Management 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Definition of Maintenance; Continuing Airworthiness; CAMO; Part 145 Maintenance Organisation; Part 66; ATA 100 - Maintenance Manuals
Master's thesis | Master's Thesis (MA) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S4_03 Master's thesis 1 SWS 23 ECTS
Methods of scientific work are deepened to Master's level: Preparation: choice of topic & planning; search for and processing of material; implementation of own ideas, structuring; manuscript: Structure & formal requirements.
Visions and Strategies in Aeronautics | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: K_ATM_2190021_S4_02 The future of mobility 1 SWS 2 ECTS
State of the art of conventional air transport Creativity methods Holistic assessment of new system concepts Case studies, e.g. air taxi, integration of electric or hybrid drives Tools for idea management and project description Outlook on further disruptive technologies in the aviation sector