Paul Kutschera

Sales expert with extensive business development experience in the Asia / Pacific region.
Strategic thinking and result driven with a proven record of overachieving sales targets in competitive industries. Charismatic and easily approachable, Paul can quickly establish relationships with key decision makers.


Key data

Job description: International Account Manager
Company: AT & S
I work in: Leoben / Graz
I’ve worked here since: 11.06.2016
My contact

What I do

AT&S is producing high-tech PCBs for a variety of industries. As an Account Manager, I am responsible for the management of existing and the development of new accounts within the medical field. This includes the complete sales process from technical feasibility studies to the after-sales processes and requires the management of different teams within the organization.
Besides the classical day-to-day tasks, including price and contract negotiations, an Account Manager is also responsible for the segment specific marketing. This includes press releases, social media marketing or the organization of field specific fairs and trade shows.

Why I love my job

  • Helping companies in realizing their products
  • A big variety of different tasks
  • My team

Important skills in my job

  • People skills
  • Holistic view
  • Presentation skills
  • Technical understanding

The best experiences in my job

Winning the first new account after around 1 year of intensive preparation and negotiation.

How I found my current job

My wife and I took a 6 months break in-between jobs and while we have been surfing in Bali, I found the job announcement online. Applied online, had a Video conference a week later and got hired after we returned to Austria.

What I learned for this job during my studies at FH JOANNEUM

  • Managing people in matrix organizations
  • Presentation & negotiations skills
  • A holistic view about how an organization works

Job prospects in my field

  • Sales Director
  • CSO