Sandra Hoefler

After graduating from FH JOANNEUM, I started my career as media manager which took me from Kleine Zeitung in Graz, via a marketing agency in NYC into the startup world and now to WeWork in London.


Key data

Job description: Media Manager
Company: WeWork
I work in: London
I’ve worked here since: Oct 2017
My contact

What I do

I’m in charge of the media buying department at WeWork EMEA. I run digital and traditional marketing campaigns across all WeWork EMEA countries.

Why I love my job

My job, although in marketing, is very analytics and data heavy. It allows me to get an understanding of who our customers are, what they really care about and how to advertise better to them.

Important skills in my job

  • Data Analytics & Statistics
  • Creative / Out of the box thinking
  • Stakeholder management

The best experiences in my job

WeWork is in hyper-growth. We double our member base every year. Successfully entering markets and running advertising campaigns across so many European languages and cultures (even some I don’t know), makes me very proud.

How I found my current job

I was headhunted after already working in the startup industry in NYC for a couple of years.

What I learned for this job during my studies at FH JOANNEUM:

Hard skills like basics in marketing, statistical measurement and legal basics. As well as soft skills like cross-cultural management.

Job prospects in my field

The market for marketing managers with digital and data background is huge, especially if you’re willing to work in an international environment.

I am

  • ambitious
  • quite outspoken
  • always up for some fun

About my job

My job requires me to be very numbers and detail focused whilst not losing focus of the bigger picture. Working in a hyper-growth startup means you currently need to think about new/better ways of approaching tasks. It is a very challenging but rewarding work environment that offers you to learn very fast.