Elisei Ember

Research as a passion – Elisei Ember is working and doing his PhD after his studies at FH JOANNEUM.


Basic data

Job description: Researcher

Company: Pro²Future GmbH

I am working in Graz, Austria since 2019

My contacts:

What I do

The research center COMET is assigned to pursue a radically new holistic approach that envisages the entanglement of products and their productions systems. Therefor my main tasks are:

  • Researching of new efficient scientific methods in telematics

  • Publishing the results (i.e. IEEE papers)

  • Verification and solution finding of scientific problems

Why I love my job

  • Variation of different topics, from databases and cloud computing up to microcontrollers

  • Self-management

  • Relaxed and innovative working, where own ideas can be included

What I don't like so much about my job

  • Because of the variation of the topics some work is not pursued which means a loss of many productive hours
  • That the industry still has too much influence on projects which includes extra work

My greatest experience so far

As the focus lies on research at the moment connecting with people from around the world at different conferences (from Hawai to Krakau and so on….) is a really thrilling experience. I can talk to experts from all over the world and my research topic can be spread

How I found my current job

It was by detours. I applied for several PhD job joffers and was rejected because my background was not fitting. But one of chairmen of the committee was searching for somebody with my background for a different PhD job which he offered to me at the end.

What I learned for this job during my studies

Self-motivaton is very important and as well the courage to try different tasks and think out of the box. The main subjects of my study which are useful are microcontrollers and embedded systems together with projects which hat to be implemented at the same time.

Job prospects in my field

As PhD positions are not so frequently offered you have to be lucky as well in finding such a job. But but I guess that everyone who really wants to do a PhD will find a position like that.

I am

  • Passionate/Eager

  • Happy

  • Sincere

Research where a lot of testing and analyzes are required is my passion. But besides the topic as well working with the people around me is very important. Working in well organized teams makes the job easier and more efficient.

Elisei Ember