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Power Electronic Engineering

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To graduate from your degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce a Master’s thesis, which must be approved
  • pass the Master’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)”

Master’s thesis

In the fourth semester, as part of their Master’s thesis, our students work independently on a topic relevant to their specialist subject to demonstrate the success of their training on a theoretical as well as a practical level.

Suggestions for a thesis topic can come from the student, a lecturer or a partner from industry and will be discussed with the supervisor.

Together they decide on a work plan and time schedule to make sure that the thesis can be completed within the specified time frame. Continuous information concerning the progress of the thesis combined with regular meetings are intended to ensure a successful outcome.

It goes without saying that our students can use the equipment at the Institute necessary for completion of the thesis and for any practical workpieces needed.
The Master’s thesis can also be produced by a team of students but there must be clarity on who was responsible for which part.

Master\’s examination

Graduating with a Master’s degree in Power Electronic Engineering involves both the Master’s thesis and also an examination in front of an examination board once all courses have been completed successfully. The examination itself consists of three parts:

  • Presentation and defence of the Master’s thesis
  • Examination in career-relevant subjects
  • Examination in a complementary subject

The Master’s examination is designed to ascertain whether the candidate has acquired and is able to combine the basic skills of scientific work as well as knowledge of methodology, systematics and terminology in the specialist areas of the course. The examination board is made up of four members from the teaching and research staff.

After graduation

After their Master’s degree our graduates have the choice of entering the world of work or studying for a doctoral degree. The Institute of Electronic Engineering offers a range of exciting topics, which can be elaborated in a doctoral programme in cooperation with international universities.

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