Anita Beichler

My semester at JAMK in Finland.


Finland in winter – cold, snow, darkness.

If you fully engage with it, you will experience some unique moments. Finland for me was a dream destination from the outset. JAMK University of Applied Sciences was recommended to me by other students who had already spent a semester there before me. The subjects offered by the university’s IT department are very interesting and well delivered. The mix of theory and practice was just right for my tastes. But to be honest, you go abroad to do more than just gather experience of the subject. You get to know foreign cultures – the Finns are certainly different ;) – and you explore the country and gain experiences in a way you never have before. Student life at JAMK was organised completely differently to what I am used to. On the one hand, there were lots of excursions (St. Petersburg, Lapland…) and on the other, there were two to three events each week from burger parties and film evenings to student clubbing nights where you could acquire patches for the typical Finnish student jumpsuits.

For me, this was the best semester of my entire course. I explored the extensive snowy landscapes of Lapland, met some unique people and made friends with people all over the world – people I am still friends with now and who have made my little world that bit bigger. Everyone should take this chance and set off on an adventure abroad.