Christinne Coutinho Kaiser

I am Brazilian. Since September 1999 I live in Austria. I graduated in Economic Law at the University UNESPA in Belém-Brazil. In Brazil, I worked as a lawyer, as specialist in the area of civil law. In Austria, my first job was by the company M & R Automation GmbH as Marketing assistant. And since 2001 I work at the company Magna Steyr.


Key Data

Job title: Homologation Expert / Database Manager and Administrator
Company: Magna Steyr Engineering AG & Co KG
Work location: Liebenauer Hauptstrasse 317, 8041 GRaz
Start date: 01.02.2001
My contact info: + 43 664 88406358

What I do

Project assistant for information management and consulting in respect of international automotive legal requirements (development of whole vehicle, modules, systems and components). Database management for worldwide Regulations (EU, UNECE, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, China and Brazil) Information about future legal trends and requirement proposals

Why I love my job

What I most like about my job is that I can use my legal knowledge also in the technical area.

Important skills in my job

  • Organization and time management skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Communication skills
  • Well-developed research skills

The best experiences in my job

Every time when a project ends successfully. It is very exciting to be part of a company that is the worldwide leader in engineering and manufacturing vehicles, as well as providing innovative solutions for the mobility of the future.

How I found my current job

I applied to the company and was offered a place in the Homologation department.

What I learned for this job during my studies

I learned a lot, but the most important thing I learned from the Master's degree was about project management.

Job prospects in my area

The recent emissions scandal triggered market surveillance actions by Type Approval Authorities in the World. Therefore the need for Homologation specialists grows.

I am

  • hardworking
  • challenging
  • helpful
  • cheerful
  • loud

About my Job

The dynamic is incredible. For example, 10 years ago, autonomous car was just a project, today is reality on the streets. Standards and Regulations, both safety and emission, must to keep up with all those innovations.