Business in Emerging Markets
Department of Management

Business in Emerging Markets


Our Master’s degree programme prepares you for a career in the emerging markets of the BRICS, MINT or CIVETS countries. The Master’s degree programme shows you how to identify opportunities, threats and challenges for multinationals doing business in emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey, Colombia, Vietnam and Egypt, to develop effective strategies and accurate business plans.

What you will learn:

Business models in the emerging markets

Project management

Cross-cultural management

International finance

HR & leadership

International economic law

Did you know, …

… that we have a business riddle for you?

100 kilograms of strawberries are dried in the sun. The proportion of water is 99 % on the first day. The next day, the proportion of water is 98 %. What is the weight of the strawberries on the second day? Click here for the answer to the riddle.

Did you know, …

… that you can choose from several, specially selected universities on our Global Campus to spend your third semester abroad?

Our institute is part of a large network of partner universities in Asia, Latin America and Europe. On our global campus you will experience emerging markets first-hand and prepare for an international career.

Did you know, …

… that you will work on several projects together with successful companies during your studies?

The projects you will work on during the second and fourth semesters are central to our Master´s degree programme. You will be in contact with representatives of companies doing business in emerging markets, which considerably improves your career prospects.

Did you know, …

… that our newly updated curriculum preparing you even better for the future global dynamics?

The rapid transformations of the world and the global economy impact on various areas such as Business Behaviour, International Finance, Environmental Economics, Big Data & Business Informatics, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation. All of these topics are covered in our new curriculum.

Did you know, …

… that as a student you will enjoy an international environment at our institute?

As a student of the Master´s degree programme “Business in Emerging Markets”, you will be in contact with lecturers, students, partners and administrative staff from different countries, which adds to your learning process and improves your intercultural skills.

Did you know, …

… that you can obtain a double degree from three of our partner universities?

If you spend your third semester at Voronezh State University in Russia, at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile or at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan and your master´s thesis is jointly supervised by a lecturer from FH JOANNEUM and one from the partner university, you can receive a degree from both universities.