Christoph Müller and Stephan Hochmüller

Our internship at Infineon Technologies AG.


Key data

Job description: Test Systems Developer
Company: Infineon Technologies AG
Place: Graz, Austria
We did our internship from January 2015 to April 2015.
Christoph Müller
Stephan Hochmüller

What we did:

  • Building test set-ups for chips
  • Programming FPGAs and microcontrollers

Why we enjoyed our internship:

  • Wide range of activities
  • Fantastic work environment

What we learned

Working as part of a team and developing test set-ups.

The highlight of the internship

By devising automated test set-ups, we were able to identify and correct errors before the chip went into production.

How we secured the internship:

We heard about the internship through FH JOANNEUM lecturers who were working for the company.