Mobility LAB

Innovative mobility and transport planning of the future

Mobility LAB

The future of mobility is unstoppable, ranging from autonomous driving and drones through to sustainable and soft mobility. The Mobility Lab of the Institute of Energy, Transport and Environmental Management provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for research activities focusing on the mobility of the future.

The Mobility Lab offers eye trackers, an EEG neuroheadset, instruments for measuring noise and speed, simulation software (PTV) and various simulators, including a driving simulator and a bicycle simulator for modelling, simulating and analysing traffic situations. Students can use this equipment to explore different influences on driving behaviour and their effects. The bicycle simulator is designed in particular for research projects related to soft mobility as also for analysing the mobility behaviour of older people.

Students of the Bachelor's course in Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management and the Master's in Energy & Transport Management can use the lab during practical seminars and projects and for working on their degree theses.

Our students also have access to relevant cutting-edge simulation software (PTV VISSIM, VISUM, AutoCAD, Lisa plus, FAN, SPSS, MatLab, etc.) for the realistic modelling and simulation of complex traffic conditions.

The new lab provides students, lecturers and researchers of the Institute of Energy, Transport and Environmental Management as also industrial partners and transport companies with state-of-the-art infrastructure for pioneering mobility projects. If you are interested in research projects and cooperation, please contact our lab manager.