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Studying for a Master’s degree at FH JOANNEUM

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Important information for applicants and prospective students: FH JOANNEUM is not currently conducting face-to-face course guidance interviews, but offers virtual course guidance instead.

You can use this service by calling our info hotline from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00, and on Friday from 9:00 to 14:00. You can also obtain information by sending an email, and we will also be happy to answer your questions via our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. Regularly check our website for current information and updates.

Info email: ⁠info@fh-joanneum.at
Info hotline: +43 316 5453-8800⁠
Social media: Facebook and Instagram

You have completed a Bachelor's degree programme and are interested in studying for a Master's degree? Then you have come to the right place. We at FH JOANNEUM offer a wide range of Master's programmes. Read more about our courses and what to consider when applying for a place with us.

Which Master's degree programmes are offered by FH JOANNEUM?

You can choose from a range of Master's degree programmes in the areas of Applied Computer Sciences; Building, Energy & Society; Engineering; Health Studies; Management; and Media & Design. Here is an overview of all our Master's degree programmes. You are not quite sure whether a Master's degree programme is worth it or which course is suitable for you? Our Study Finder will help you to make the right choice.

What are the requirements for admission to a Master's degree programme?

You must meet one of the following admission requirements to apply for a Master's degree programme:
*completion of a relevant Bachelor's degree programme
* completion of an equivalent relevant degree programme
The detailed requirements can be found on the web pages of the individual degree programmes.

Studying for a Master's degree at FH JOANNEUM with a Bachelor's from a regular university? No problem!

You do not need to complete your Bachelor's and Master's degree at the same university. Many FH JOANNEUM Master's degree programmes can be taken with a Bachelor's degree from another university. We have asked some of these students why they have transferred from a regular university to FH JOANNEUM.

The FH JOANNEUM Master's degree programmes: full-time, part-time and work-friendly.

Which mode of study is the right choice for me? You want to complete your Master's degree as fast as possible? Then you should choose one of our intensive full-time courses. If you are already in employment, a part-time or work-friendly course might well be the right thing for you. Career and studies – these two are not mutually exclusive! Here is an overview of the Master's degree programmes offered by FH JOANNEUM. Our postgraduate Master's courses are an additional option to pursue an academic education while working.

What is the difference between a Master's degree programme and a postgraduate Master's course?

FH JOANNEUM offers a range of postgraduate Master's courses for people in employment, in addition to our traditional part-time Bachelor's and Master's programmes. These postgraduate courses allow you to balance your studies with your work. You will obtain the academic degree of Master of Science, Master of Arts in Social Sciences or Master of Business Administration, depending on the course. As an expert in your field, you will have a range of new career options open to you. Check out this blog post to learn more about the difference between Master's degree programmes and postgraduate Master's courses.

What is the duration of a Master's degree programme?

FH JOANNEUM Master's degree programmes take an average of two years to complete. These two years include the Master's thesis and an internship, which is mandatory for several programmes.

Can I spend a semester studying abroad?

Almost all degree programmes give you the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. FH JOANNEUM works closely together with ERASMUS to enable students to study at a university in Europe without paying tuition fees and cover their living costs. We also have partner universities outside Europe. The partner universities for the individual degree programmes can be found here.

What are the application deadlines for Master's degree programmes?

FH JOANNEUM generally conducts three application rounds each year: spring, summer and autumn. You can submit your application by the respective application deadline. Please note: not all degree programmes conduct all three application rounds. The application deadlines for the individual Master's degree programmes can be found on their respective web pages.

How do I apply for a Master's degree programme?

If you meet the requirements you can apply for the degree programme of your choice. Details on the application process can be found on the web page of the respective degree programme. Even if you are not sure whether you meet all criteria we still encourage you to apply. The Study Administration team will examine your documents and contact you should they require any further information.

How does the admissions process work?

All applicants who meet the formal requirements will be invited to the admissions process. It usually consists of a written assessment test, an admissions interview and occasionally also a creative exam, depending on the degree programme. Our Master's degree programmes provide detailed information about their admissions arrangements in the "Admissions Procedure" section of their respective web pages.

How is the personal admissions interview conducted?

Every applicant who meets the admission requirements will be invited to a personal interview. The interview will be conducted by the head of degree programme and one of the lecturers of the Institute. It lasts around 20 minutes.

Can I apply for more than one Master's degree programme?

You can apply for only one degree programme. Applicants who have not received confirmation of a place on the programme of their choice (rejection or place on waiting list) can apply for another degree programme at the next possible date. You can apply for the same degree programme in the following academic year. You can apply for two different degree programmes in different application rounds, provided that your first application has been rejected.

I have not yet received my Bachelor's or Diploma certificate. Can I still apply?

If you have not received your Bachelor's or Diploma certificate from an Austrian educational institution at the time of application, you can submit these documents up until the time when you are due to start your Master's studies. Different provisions apply to documents of international applicants. If you have any questions, please send an email to bewerbung@fh-joanneum.at or consult the "International Students" page of the respective degree programme.


You have already studied several semesters of a Master's degree programme at another university and would like to transfer to FH JOANNEUM? This is possible in principle. Please contact the degree programme directly. The head of degree programme will examine the documents, contact you and decide together with you how to proceed further.


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