Unser Herz schlägt für die Kampagne 2022

We are passionate about the 2022 campaign

Natanja Pascottini,

We cannot stress often enough that FH JOANNEUM is a place for reshaping our future. But only our own students can truly testify to that. That’s why we let them do the talking.

We are reshaping our future. Last year we used the campaign to give a platform to the varied facets of our students. This year, we are asking them about their motivation for their choice of course, their plans to make the world a better place and what they would be doing if they had not chosen to come to FH JOANNEUM.

How are our students reshaping the future?

They come from six departments and a range of degree programmes but all 12 testimonials agree on one point: the practical element is the defining factor for their studies. Insights are provided by
Annika Dollinger (Aviation)
Anna-Caterina Amann (Mobile Software Development)
Clemens Muster (Food: Product and Process Design)
Abigail Garcia (Industrial Management)
Stefan Ritz (Health Care and Nursing)
Anna Kotter (Industrial Design)
Nina Wilding (Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management)
Frederick Van Bockryck (Business Informatics)
Adrian Tschandl (Industrial Mechatronics)
Ines Konrad (Health Management in Tourism)
Mario Stangl (System Test Engineering) and
Martina Carbone (Software Design & Cloud Computing).

Don’t forget to apply!

Our testimonials will hopefully inspire many prospective students to apply to us. In the interviews, our students also provide insight into how they personally found the admissions process. All informations about our English study programmes are available here.