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Bachelor’s thesis

At the moment

Im Moment 4

Sophie Ortmeier won a Red Dot Design Award 2020 for her Bachelor’s thesis \”At the moment\”.

Long before the digitalization instant photography enabled the immediate availability of a picture. For the first time it was possible to take the photographs out of the camera right after they were taken without the need of a dark room or laboratory. Instant photography helped photography to gain more respect and reputation within the art scene and can now be seen as a cult medium.
This work deals with the functionality of instant photography, its development as well as its current position. “I wanted to know, what makes Polaroid and instant photography so special. Now I can say: it’s the originality of every single picture. Each of them is a surprise, you never know what outcome you can expect. Working with Polaroids is a fun journey, testing different films and cameras and play around with motives.”

Sophie Ortmeier designed two books. One of them deals with the historic beginnings of photography in general and sets its focus especially on the evolution of instant photography. The second is a more practical orientated work, showing instant photos she shot by herself.

Im Moment
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