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Bachelor's thesis

Looking is not only done with the eyes

The meaning of our senses
Vorlage Bachelorarbeiten Engl. (Copy) 4

For ages the categorisation of the senses in sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste has remained when we are talking about our senses. In recent years a shift in perspective and important new insights concerning the senses has lead to a radical change in the definition of human perception. It has been found that our sense of touch is quite an underestimated part of our sensory system, despite the fact that it not only affects our everyday life, but also our decisions when we are buying a product.

Therefore, knowledge about the importance of haptics is a key competence for designers when it comes to creating new products. In the end, it is all about understanding the needs of the user, as well as fulfilling the ones they might not be aware of themselves and trying to meet them on an emotional level. With that in mind, this bachelor’s thesis is an experience for our haptic scheme of senses showing how variations in surfaces can evoke different feelings.

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