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ORF report on mixed reality research projects

ORF Beitrag über Mixed Reality Forschungsprojekte

In an ORF report, ICON project manager Manuel Pichler from the Institute of Applied Production Sciences and Daniel Fabry, Head of the Institute of Design & Communication, talk about their joint research into semi-real, semi-virtual (working) environments that respond to all human behaviour using AR glasses.

“Using sensor technology and highly developed software, people from different parts of the world can work together on a product by creating a digital twin that can then be perceived by the virtual counterpart in exactly the same way as in reality,” explains Fabry. In the future working environment, it will also be possible to receive support from artificial intelligence in everyday life. The project participants cite the compensation of lack of haptic feedback and the design of realistic and intuitive interpersonal communication as challenges in the research of these mixed-reality working environments.

It is undisputed that the use of mixed reality in product development is steadily increasing and the need for collaboration is becoming more and more important due to globalization. Such immersive cross-reality scenarios that can be experienced together with collaborative working methods are being developed and investigated in the ICON research project.

About ICON
As part of the ICON project – Immersive Co-Creation Hub, FH JOANNEUM is developing a methodology for collaboration in virtual space, setting up an interdisciplinary connected collaboration lab and creating a socio-technological basis.

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