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Bachelor's Thesis | Information Design

Sketching with Words

How Storytelling Influences Digital Product Design
Sketching with Words 3

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Many digital products fail to satisfy user needs and do not solve actual problems. To better understand users, designers can turn to an ancient tool – storytelling. Today storytelling is used in different forms throughout the design industry. This Bachelor’s Thesis focuses on working with context scenarios and their potential to »sketch« user interfaces and create a shared understanding within a group of individuals.

Context scenarios tell the story of an ideal interaction with a product in a specific, future context. To evaluate the potential influence of context scenarios on the design process of digital products, a literature review was conducted and examples on the basis of expert suggestions in the field of user experience were created. The results suggest that, if scenarios are based on sophisticated user research, they can have a positive influence on the design process

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© Maximilian Mayr / Information Design

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© Maximilian Mayr / Information Design

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