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Master's thesis | Sound Design

The soundtrack before cutting

Die Kunst Sound zu designen 2

Since the audio post production of a film usually takes place at the end, the aim of this thesis is to analyze whether parts of the post production can be created in advance. It can be assumed that the screenplay contains enough information to create specific sounds beforehand. With those sounds it should be possible to arrange a complete soundtrack for the film.

A full‒length audio project which matched the length of the expected film was designed and later unified with the film editing. The amount of redundant work, and the amount of effort required for necessary adjustments, have a direct impact on the success of a new workflow. A parallel post‒production was carried out on a second film for which the footage was already available. In this way the advantages and disadvantages of the new workflow could be identified.
An increase in creative freedom and overall quality is expected due to the reduction of the workload in the post‒production phase.

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