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Keyframing and motion capturing

Game design

Keyframing & Motion Capturing 1

Which animation techniques have had a bigger impact in the multi-billion dollar video game industry and which will change the future in a long-term perspective? Is modern motion capturing technology already capable of replacing time-consuming animation by hand or is the keyframe procedure a thing which all games need?

The art of animation and its beginnings are explained in more detail in this bachelor’s thesis. The author shows the importance of precisely defined movements as well as their effects on certain characteristics. Furthermore, the term uncanny valley and its effects on the video game industry are dealt with in more detail. The strengths and weaknesses of the individual animation techniques are shown and substantiated with a number of practical examples. Finally, the workflow of both methods is analysed in detail and prepared in a more understandable manner with practical examples to ensure a maximum insight into the animation world of the video game industry.

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