KombiMo II – Combined mobility


The results of the KombiMo I project analysis will be used in the follow-on KombiMo II project which will establish five multimodal nodes in Graz by 2018. The nodes are points at which passengers on buses, trains and trams can transfer to an electric vehicle.

Under the auspices of Holding Graz, the KombiMo I project on combined mobility using multimodal nodes analysed the feasibility of e-taxi and e-car sharing services for the greater Graz area. Great emphasis was placed on linking these services with public transport and more sustainable forms of mobility. This was achieved through the use of so-called multimodal nodes, which are points of transfer between public transport and bicycles, e-car sharing schemes and e-taxis.

Investigations undertaken during the first phase of the project have shown that Graz has suitable spaces in public areas for setting up such nodes, and that the power grid could cope with the additional load. A total of five multimodal nodes will therefore be established in the city as part of the follow-on KombiMo II project by June 2018.

With its expertise in user research, experience and service design, the Institute of Design & Communication at FH JOANNEUM is part of the team during the implementation phase.