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PEMS – Portable Emission Measurement System

Österreichs erste Prüfstelle für EU-konforme mobile Abgasmessungen an der FH JOANNEUM 4

In the past, official fuel consumption figures often failed to reflect reality. Legislation has recognised this and implemented the following changes:

  • Change in the driving cycle with a more realistic load requirement (WLTC)
  • Checking the measurements by driving under pre-defined conditions in real-world road traffic.

These definitions bring the exhaust gas emissions and fuel consumption for the homologation measurement closer to real life values. The measuring equipment used here is a Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS). It is either mounted in the vehicle boot or on the towbar at the rear of the vehicle. This ensures that exhaust emissions are sampled directly from the exhaust pipe and continually analysed by the PEMS. Furthermore, the vehicle’s OBD interface is used to measure and record velocity, engine speed and engine temperature. The driver can follow the measurements online.

The PEMS measures the exhaust gas components and the exhaust gas mass flow rate, and calculates fuel consumption during the RDE run. These measurements are then compared with the WLTC dynamometer measurements. Where the deviations are too large, the measurements are invalid and will not be evaluated. There may be many causes for such deviations, such as heavy traffic and inclement weather, neither of which can be controlled.


  • WLTP = WLTC (chassis dynamometer) + RDE testing procedure (PEMS) acc. to EU Regulation 1151/2017
  • Consumption measurements of combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles in road traffic
  • Emission measurements of combustion and hybrid vehicles under real-world driving conditions
  • GPS
  • For passenger cars and light-duty vehicles, categories M1, N1


  • Manufacturer: AVL List
  • Automation system: PUMA
  • Year of acquisition: 2019
  • Analytical/measurement parameters: Carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) as well as particle number (PN).
  • Accredited PEMS testing procedure (RDE) since 16/11/2020