Smart Production Lab

Supply Chain Engineering

Research field

Forschungsfelder 4

In our Smart Production Lab we also follow the concept of horizontal networking in terms of Industry 4.0. This involves exchanging information along the value chain – from the supplier’s supplier through to the customer’s customer.

The applied research activities in this field focus on methods and instruments needed for creating lean processes which are in line with corporate strategy as a precondition for digitalisation (process management). Another focus is on optimising internal and external material flows using digital solutions and simulations (intralogistics and transport logistics). The group also seeks to identify future potentials in the individual phases of the supplier management cycle using big data, also in real time (digital procurement).

Key research areas
  • How can companies design their internal and external logistics processes most effectively?
  • How can companies make their transport activities sustainable?
  • How can processes be continually improved and made fit for digital innovation?
  • How can procurement help create transparent, sustainable and stable supply chains?
Use cases
  • Digital procurement using a web-based SRM tool for real-time information about suppliers
  • Supplier risk management by networking strategically important suppliers via cloud-based software solutions
  • Electronic shelf labelling and fashion tags for increasing transparency of material flows
  • Flexible automation of in-house replenishment using driverless transport systems
  • Automated C-parts management using smart dispensers