Corinna Pummer-Pilaj

Studies at University of Graz and FH JOANNEUM.
Experience as pedagogical supervisor, project manager and UNESCO policy assistant. Founder of Aufwind Peru.
Married, one son.


Key data

Job description: Scientific Head
Company: Institute for Child and Youth Care Austria (IKJ)
I work in: Graz / Vienna
Mein Kontakt

What I do

I work at the interface between research and practice in child and youth care. I manage research projects and advise institutes who want to make their work even more professional.

Why I love my job

It is diverse, challenging and provides a goal that gives a deep meaning: more effective child and youth care gives thousands of young people the chance to live a self-determined and happy life.

Important skills in my job

  • Move easily between the world of science as well as in practice
  • Efficient and self-reliant project management
  • Networking and enjoying working with people

How I found my current job

Through active participation in trainings, conferences, symposia etc. on a regular basis and through honest interest in the people present and their projects

What I learned for this job during my studies

  • Knowledge of the national and international project landscape and grants
  • Composing of successful project proposals
  • Professional project management

Job prospects in my area

In the social sector, there are good opportunities for people have project management skills and economic know-how besides a social education.