Department of Management

European Project Management


Successfully acquiring and managing European funds is a key competence, especially in times of crisis. This FH JOANNEUM programme prepares you and your company to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new EU funding period starting 2021.

Did you know, …

… that the second semester includes a trip to Brussels?

Participants on the European Project und Public Management course have the chance to gather experience about international management in the city where all of the key European Union institutions are based.

Did you know, …

… that many of Europe’s leading international management institutes were involved in developing the course?

This enables us to provide high quality further education as well as ensuring that participants receive suitable training to meet the needs of business and industry.

Did you know, …

… that our experts come directly from practice?

They provide participants with insight into their own personal experience as well as helping them build up their own network.

Did you know, …

… that there is a tool which can significantly improve your chances of securing a project?

We will train you in using Logical Framework, a tool which enables objective project evaluation, clear distribution of responsibilities and a clear understanding of the project to facilitate a successful project application.

Did you know, …

… that we have adapted our course to suit your professional activities?

To allow you to combine your professional work with your training in the best way possible, our course only requires 15 weekends of attendance and, where possible, this is arranged to suit the availability of participants in advance. Seminar work and home exams allow us to largely eliminate the need for conventional examination methods.

Did you know, …

… that our Institute has a top-notch success rate when it comes to EU projects and that we can teach you what you need to know?

The research group at the International Management institute has successfully completed over 50 projects over the last few years. A special focus is on projects with a regional impact or international dimension, which support the ongoing development of universities and companies and aid the exploitation of intellectual capital and employability.