Esam Albarahmeh BA

My dreams were always bigger than I was. Through hard work and degrees in Accounting and Business Administration I became fascinated by humanitarian relief for my country, Jordan.


I have worked for a range of international organizations where I used to be called “troubleshooter” and “fighter”. I believe in the quote “Where there is a will, there is a way”. My degree from FH JOANNEUM will help me to continue implementing responsible and sustainable projects designed to help those in need.

Key data

Job description: Project Manager
Company: Institute for Family Health/Noor Al Hussein Foundation
I work in: Amman, Jordan
I’ve worked here since: February 2017
My contact

What I do

My essential duties include overall project management, ensuring that high-quality programmes are delivered correctly. My work focuses on project goals and target commitments as well as the communication with donors and other stakeholders. I am responsible for assembling the project staff to discuss and monitor their technical or functional development and performance during the project lifetime. I also manage project budgets and resource allocations, and prepare monthly reports to general management and donors.

Why I love my job

My life and career have always had a strong focus on alleviating the suffering of disadvantaged people around the world. Working in humanitarian organisations has enabled me to pursue my personal passions while also allowing my professional skills to be enriched. I continually gain new perspectives on how to reach people through humanitarian work and working with a team to eliminate human suffering.

Important skills in my job

To excel in this field, you must be able to work with others effectively and efficiently toward meeting goals in a complex, diverse environment with changing demands and tools. I am known for my effective leadership of staff, regardless of their differences, and my passion for beneficiaries’ satisfaction and protection. I am an excellent communicator and equipped with patience to remain calm and focused under pressure and in stressful situations.

The best experiences in my job

I cannot imagine anything more interesting, challenging, and rewarding than working in the humanitarian field. I am very lucky to be able to make a living doing work that is in alignment with my values and the things that I believe in. I really enjoy providing leadership, vision and direction setting for both project team and partners. I use my experience and knowledge of humanitarian context to develop specific objectives and goals that motivate my team.

What I learned for this job during my studies

My education has been essential for my success. I gained excellent organizational skills and the ability to think and act strategically. My Master’s degree in European Project and Public Management helped prepare me as a Project Manager. It provided me with the proper tools and techniques to manage projects effectively.

I am

  • Qualified
  • Dedicated
  • Thoughtful
  • Empathic
  • Experienced in international humanitarian aid.

About my job

Project title: Provision of multidisciplinary services for Syrian and non-Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Jordan funded by UNHCR.
With highly-specialised staff, the Institute for Family Health provides integrated healthcare including medical and reproductive health services, psychological, social and legal counselling, and services for children with disabilities. The organisation currently works in five locations in Jordan’s host communities, and in four Syrian refugee camps. This project seeks to identify and improve the wellbeing and psychosocial status of refugees.