Mag. (FH) Katharina Scheidl, MSc

Based in Gleisdorf, Styria.
Studies of “Management of International Business Processes” and “European Project and Public Management”. Lived in the United States for two years, spent several years working for an international company.



Jobbezeichnung: Staff Unit for Project and Funds Management and Public Procurement Law.
Company: Municipality of Gleisdorf
I work in: Gleisdorf
I´ve worked here since May 2013
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What I do

I acquire EU funds for projects done by the municipality of Gleisdorf, such as mobility projects. Furthermore, I accompany projects in public procurement law, e.g. the reconstruction of elementary school in Gleisdorf. I also manage other projects within the municipality.

Why I love my job

I love being confronted with different challenges every day. EU project management is extremely fast moving, flexibility and adaptation are key. Moreover I am able to work with people from different areas, which is very interesting and life-enhancing. I also like the legal aspects of my job.

Important skills in my job

  • Flexibility
  • Target Orientation
  • Expertise
  • Social competence
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience
  • Correctness

The best experiences in my job

The best experience I have had in my current position is the successful application for our mobility project. The total project budget is 742.000,00 € out of which 445.445,00 € are provided by external donors.

How I found my current job

The mayor of Gleisdorf supported my studies of “European Project and Public Management” at all times. In consequence of my finishing the degree successfully, the Staff Unit for Project and Funds Management and Public Procurement Law was created.

What I learned for this job during my studies

An EU Project can be compared with real life – you need many different skills to be successful.

Job prospects in my area

Job prospects in the public sector need to be regarded differently than the business community.

I am

  • Open minded
  • Open for new ways
  • Tempted by challenges
  • Amazed by diversity
  • Motivated
  • Fun at work
  • Target oriented

About my job

My job is very challenging. Knowledge alone is not enough to be successful. Social competence, team spirit and networking skills are as important as resilience, target orientation and perseverance. Most important: the willingness for lifelong learning.