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Key areas of the Master’s course

Networking within the EU creates new opportunities for Austrian companies, as well as challenges. This FH JOANNEUM programme provides managers with the know-how essential for EU project management.

European Union.

You will learn about the institutional framework of the EU as well as its mechanisms. Particular attention will be paid to the areas relevant to project management.

Project management.

You will learn to plan the project proposal from the viewpoint of an evaluator. At the same time, our tailor-made IT courses provide support in using modern project management tools.

Soft skills. Networking.

Work on European projects is virtual, requiring advanced interpersonal skills, and especially leadership skills. Our experts will train you to apply the intercultural management methods upon which the success of a project often depends. Our wide-ranging network is also hugely beneficial when it comes to establishing the project consortium, and provides access to national and international sources of funding. Moreover, an excursion to Brussels offers the opportunity to make your own contacts with the European Commission.

Financing. Funding.

We provide you with a clear approach to financing and funding for EU projects. You will learn about the specific requirements for financial planning and reporting, and our experts will support you in drawing up a budget for a specific EU project.

Real project proposal. Master's thesis.

You can submit a real project proposal as your Master's thesis; it's a win-win situation, for you, and for your company.

Brussels is key.

Without a professional network and the right contacts, it can become a herculean task to navigate the complex funding landscape in Brussels and submit a profitable project proposal. As a highlight of the three-semester postgraduate course in European Project Management FH JOANNEUM offers a three-day excursion to Brussels in the second semester. Our aim is to empower the students with all necessary skills to succeed in this complex arena.

The excursion includes:

  • A 3-day agenda, tailored to the individual needs of the students
  • A visit to the European Commission, the European Parliament and their representatives
  • Lectures by members of the European Commission, the Parliament and various ministries at the Styrian Liaison Office in Brussels

It thus creates the framework for numerous opportunities to directly network both with European decision-makers and with Austrian representatives in Brussels.

"The programme was very well organised and kept us busy from early in the morning until 5 pm. During our stay in Brussels we had meetings with numerous experts from various EU programmes. I found Heidi Meissnitzer's contribution to “Creative Europe” particularly valuable for my own project. She managed to explain quite complex EU issues in a very understandable way. In addition to the content information provided by the experts, our group also had a lot of fun. I enjoy learning again and this experience has made a big contribution to my personal growth".

Sandra Kocuvan, student and EU consultant at the cultural resort of Styria about the excursion to Brussels.

This MSc offers a wide range of knowledge about EU and its funding systems. The international lectures and fellow students guide you through the whole process of successful applications and focus on special topics.

Mag. Florian Schnabl MFP MSc, Executive Assistant
Photo: Corinna Pummer-Pilaj

As I am working in the interface between research and practice in the fields of development cooperation, social work and child and youth care, this program taught me valuable skills to apply for, to manage and to organise European projects in a professional and efficient way.
The programme in particular is special, because it provides a vast knowledge about the European project landscape and grants. Different experts give insider insights to composing professional project proposals and how to set up a good collaboration with partners in other EU countries. In addition students mutually learn from each other due to coming from differents cultures and backgrounds.

Dr. Corinna Pummer-Pilaj MSc, CEO UPP Advice - empowering potential, Unternehmensberatung Pummer-Pilaj

The masters degree in European Project and Public Management enabled me to open complete new doors to the world of knowledge, innovation, meaningful and high value projects and a thorough understanding of global connectivity and interference. It is a great possibility for personal development and enables to take chances in the long run.

Mag. (FH) Katharina Scheidl, MSc, Manager BDO Consulting GmbH

The Master of Science in European Project and Public Management allows students to learn about the framework of the European Union, its vast funding opportunities, and EU policy. The degree gives students a deep level of understanding of project finance and project management. EPM allowed me to expand my horizon on the EU’s funding landscape and the diverse opportunities offered by the European Union, for both, businesses and governmental organisations. The lecturers enriched the programme with their vast experience working for EU funded projects and institutions, bringing theoretical ideas to life. The diverse student body allowed me to establish a broad network in the EU funding landscape. I highly recommend studying EPM to anyone interested in EU policy and its implementation via EU funds.

Denise Wornig, MSc, MIA, Fulbright Scholar at Texas A&M University


The programme is designed as an ideal way of combining study and work: face-to-face courses and online units usually take place on weekends. Wherever possible, the dates are agreed with the participants in advance according to their individual availability. In general, seminar papers and home exams take the place of traditional examination formats.