Marcel Hagenauer

My internship at Gym Aesthetics GmbH in Stuttgart.


Key data

Job description: Internship in social media and online marketing
Company: Gym Aesthetics GmbH Stuttgart
Place: Stuttgart, Germany
I did my internship from 16 February to 14 June 2015.
My contact

Facebook: Marcel Hagenauer
Instagram: marcelhagenauer

What I did:

  • Social media marketing: preparing and planning posts for Instagram and Facebook; YouTube video planning, data analysis and statistics for Instagram
  • SEO, SEM: compiling product texts, keywords, URLs
  • Other routine activities: processing orders in the shop system, Photoshop advertising images, ongoing maintenance of online shop, surveys

Why I enjoyed my internship:

  • Because of the atmosphere in the office, the very relaxed working environment and my nice colleagues and bosses with whom I had a very friendly relationship and am still in contact today.
  • The work in itself was great fun and I was able to combine two areas of interest: my passion for sport and social media or online marketing. Completing an internship with a company which makes its own sports clothing was simply perfect for me.
  • Thanks to the modern kitchen in the office, I was able to go straight to the office and cook my meals there after weights training in the morning. I often cooked and ate with my colleagues and bosses in a relaxed atmosphere.

What I learned

I definitely learned that there is much more to social media, online marketing and SEO/SEM than just dull posts and adverts. For a company, it means well-devised strategic planning and regular meetings behind the scenes to keep the customers and fan community happy. I also learnt some things about people. The tone of conversation and meetings with the bosses were often punctuated with lots of humour and yet the important issues were still addressed in depth. This made the work very pleasant for myself and my colleagues and I really enjoyed going to the office every day.

My biggest success / My greatest experience

My absolute highlight was definitely working on the Gym Aesthetics stand at FIBO 2015, one of the biggest fitness fairs. Working under high pressure for four days, getting to know all the fitness athletes sponsored by Gym Aesthetics and having direct contact with the fan community was simply indescribable and something I can barely put into words.

How I secured the internship

Honestly? It was the only application I submitted for my compulsory internship at FH JOANNEUM. I knew the company beforehand and followed them on social media. By chance, an intern position was being advertised at that time on Facebook when I was seriously searching for an internship – it came just in time around November. After that, everything moved very quickly: an interview over Skype, confirmation and the move to Stuttgart in February.

What I want to do in the future

Thanks to my compulsory internship in social media and online marketing and my work as a student employee at the FH JOANNEUM Sports Science Laboratory, I have already been able to explore both fields. Sport is still my greatest passion of all, whether weights training or endurance sport. A position in the field of sport/marketing would be ideal for me to combine my passions. The internship was therefore very valuable for me, both in my private and professional life. I also still have good contact with my internship company so a further internship with Gym Aesthetics during my Master’s is not out of the question.