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Global Leadership and HR Management 10

Core Contents of the Master’s Programme

“Students are provided with the state-of-the art tools and knowledge required to pursue a career in the field of ‘Global Leadership and HR Management’. The programme’s main strengths are its interdisciplinary curriculum with state-of-the-art contents as well as the semester abroad at one of our partner universities. A hands-on class experience and company projects add to the programme’s key competences.”

Wolfgang Granigg, Head of Degree Programme

Advanced HR Management

You will gain a solid understanding of specific and state-of-the-art topics of strategic human resource management. You will learn how HR strategies can be aligned with corporate strategies and will get to know important skills in HR controlling and reporting. Furthermore, you will gain profound knowledge of digitalization in HR management and will become familiar with current aspects of employee development and talent management.

Leadership, Change Management and Negotiations

You will get to know the essential concepts of global and intercultural leadership and will learn about the foundations of leadership theories, leadership practice, organizational theories, learning organizations, and change management. Additionally, you will gain insight into the key concepts of a professional approach to negotiation and conflict situation on a multicultural level and will be able to apply them in practice.

Strategic Management and International Finance

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of strategic management, business development, and business plan design. In addition, we provide you with concise and compact courses on state-of-the-art topics in various disciplines, such as finance, controlling, supply chain management, ethics, marketing etc.

Global Markets and Economy

You will gain an insight into the most important characteristics of global markets as well as the opportunities, threats, and challenges for multinationals doing business abroad. We provide you with the necessary knowledge about international trade theory, economic development and history as well as legal frameworks.

Scientific Methods, Market Research and Projects

In the area of social and economic sciences you will learn about qualitative and quantitative research methods at an advanced level. In the Business Lab you will apply your theoretical knowledge within projects that are related to “Global Leadership and HR Management”. In your master’s thesis you will combine your gained knowledge with scientific methods.

Semester abroad

Being able to choose your partner university enables you to specialise in your preferred region. During your semester abroad you can select courses from the areas of international economics, strategy, innovation, finances, scientific research and more. Thus, you are able to specialize in your fields of interest, whereas the selected courses will be partially related to your chosen specialization option. Read more.

Master’s Thesis

When writing your master's thesis, you will deal with a specific problem and develop solutions for it. Within the focus area “Global Leadership and HR Management” you can freely choose the topic, provided that it fits into the training spectrum of the master’s degree and meets the requirements for academic quality. This allows you to specialize in a particular subject or industry. You can also write your master's thesis in cooperation with a company.

Career Prospects

In this master’s programme you will be prepared for career opportunities in a wide range of professional environments and positions, from profit to non-profit organisations, from production and service-oriented companies to consumer goods and industrial goods industries. As a graduate of Global Strategic Management with the specialisation in Global Leadership and HR Management you’ll be qualified to pursue many different positions within those industries, especially in HR management and employee development.