Florian Howecker

Internship at designaffairs in Shanghai and Munich.


Key data

Field of work: Industrial Design
Company: designaffairs
I did my internship in Shanghai from 9 March to 8 May 2015 and in Munich from 1 June to 28 August 2015.

What I did

  • Briefing research and strategy
  • Developing, testing and detailing product concepts
  • Compiling analogue and digital drawings
  • Generating CAD models / renderings
  • Building real models

Why I enjoyed the internship

  • My first professional experience in a new discipline
  • Exchanging ideas with international colleagues
  • Getting to know life in a foreign culture

What I learned

In particular, I learned how other cultures work and what view they take of things which I regard as ‘normal’. And I experienced how tools we learn about at FH JOANNEUM are used in the business world. I was also able to find out how processes function in the design profession.

My biggest success

It was definitely a fantastic experience to be able to visit three friends in Hong Kong who I knew from Europe – from Graz, Vienna and even Umeå where I have previously completed a semester abroad.

How I secured the internship

I heard about it from a friend. But the application process was the same as normal.


The internship confirmed to me yet again that taking a course in Industrial Design was the right decision for me and that I was on the right track. So I am really looking forward to studying for a Master’s degree in Industrial Design at FH JOANNEUM, along with other interesting projects. Designaffairs is one of the biggest and most internationally renowned design agencies in the field of product design. This enabled me to familiarise myself with the broad spectrum of this profession.