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DI (FH) Lukas Fuchs

After a really diverse experience in different design studios  Lukas Fuchs decided to launch his own independent praxis called SUPERSYSTEM in Amsterdam.
Lukas Fuchs
When did you study Industrial Design and how did you benefit from your studies?

I studied Industrial Design at the FH JOANNEUM in Graz between 1905 and 1909. That was after I already had had some exposure to design at the university in Vienna. The two universities are quite different and Graz clearly excels at teaching the Hard Skills, like hand sketching, shape development and some basics around mechanics and manufacturing. I found that those practical skills worked as a great foundation to allow me to acquire a more nuanced understanding of design through experience later on. Since studying in Graz I’ve never stopped learning. It takes a lot to master something and once you’re adequate at it you usually just move on to the next thing.

Where do you work now and what is the best about this job?

After a really diverse experience in different design studios that brought me around the globe and eventually to Amsterdam, I decided to launch my own independent praxis called SUPERSYSTEM. Apart from client work I try to do projects and collaborations to merge different creative fields. I believe that comprehensive creativity, not specialization, is the key to solve todays problems.

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I really love my job. I guess I simply love design. Our creative ability, the urge to solve problems and to create new things is portably the most unique quality in humans I can think of and design is basically just that. With I really love the freedom I have and the diversity of my projects. I love the freedom in the way I can setup projects, the way I can collaborate, and most importantly the way I can directly connect with my clients. There is no better reward for your work than presenting an idea your client falls in love with.

What are the challenges?

That freedom is of course also a great challenge. How do you find new projects and clients? How to deal with things not working out? If no one tells you what to do you really have to trust yourself to navigate across these uncertainties. That’s one of the hardest bits.

But again, because I have a good foundation of skills and learned to trust my creativity things usually work out, one way or another.

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