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Department of Engineering

Industrial Mechatronics


Are you interested in developing the industrial production and manufacturing systems of tomorrow? This course will provide you with the latest technological expertise in electrical engineering and electronics, computer engineering, mechanical engineering and production technology. The advantage for you: you will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a practical setting during lab exercises at the university and during your internships at the training company. Subjects such as technology management, robotics and digital image processing add the finishing touches.

Did you know, …

… that you secure a practical head start by pursuing a co-op programme?

The close interlinking of theory and practice in laboratory exercises, the internship from the third semester and your Bachelor’s thesis on an industrially relevant topic will give you a head start to your professional life.

Did you know, …

… that you can make use of our high-tech facilities?

Our laboratories are equipped with top-class facilities and are open around the clock. You can use the labs during classes as well as for your personal projects.

Did you know, …

… that leading companies are on board as training partners?

Training companies include Pankl Racing Systems, AVL List, Andritz AG, MAGNA Steyr, Voestalpine and AKKA Austria.

Did you know, …

… that you may be eligible for lateral entry if you have completed a technical college (HTL) or studied a technical subject at university?

If you have completed a relevant technical college or studied a relevant subject at university, you can be admitted to a higher semester. We would be happy to advise on the options available.

Did you know, …

… that we provide personal supervision?

The lecturers give classes but are also your personal contact for any questions you may have about your classes or projects.

Did you know, …

… that a wide range of career opportunities will be available to you after completing your studies?

Your specialist interdisciplinary expertise in mechanical engineering, production technology, electrical engineering, electronics and computer engineering will be in demand in virtually all sectors of industrial production – the keyword here is Industry 4.0.